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Soviet March Lyrics Mystery Revealed

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There is new blog has been posted on the Official C&C Site written by Nick Laviers, the Red Alert 3 Audio Director. In this blog he discusses the mystery behind the lyrics for the Soviet March track and how they went about recording them to sound authentic. Before reading the blog have read through some of the comments on these YouTube videos, the blog answers many questions raised by fans.

The lyrics are also posted, in both and Russian and English. Along with a sample of the the music that was given to the choir to sing.

Red Alert 3 Theme: Soviet March

Наш Coветский Союз покоряет весь мир
Как огромный медведь на Востоке.
Овцы бродят безцельно, без всяких забот
А Советский медведь на охоте.

Наше братство - хорошая жизнь,
Наша щедрость ни с чем не сравнится.
Все кто с нами - сильны
Все кто против, держись
Чтоб нам всем не пришлось потрудится.

Все народы, не стоит того
Что бы мы превратили вас в пепел.
Благодарны вам, низкий поклон,
От самой могущеcтвенной nation.

Red Alert 3 Theme: Soviet March - Literal translation from the Russian

Our Soviet Union subjugates the whole world
Like a gigantic bear from the East.
The sheep wander aimlessly, without any cause,
Yet the Soviet bear's on the hunt.

Our brotherhood's a good life, Our generosity is without compare.
All those with us are strong,
All those against us, beware.
It'd be a shame if we had hardships.

To all those around us, it's not worth your while
If we were to turn you to ashes.
We thank you profoundly, and bow to you deeply,
From the mightiest nation in all the world.




Click here to read the full blog.

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Song reminds me of World War 2. Btw, do they reveal what the Hell Guy says in all of the Hell Marches? In the latest BCPT, Frank Klepacki "thinks" it stands for "ready weapons" in German. But I'm just curious.

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do they reveal what the Hell Guy says in all of the Hell Marches?

I'm surprised how often people still ask what it says.

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i was so interested by that article 2 years ago whe it came out the hellmarch one i mean


but the russian is very kewl me likeee i an trying to learn russian

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