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Download the Command & Conquer 4 Worldbuilder

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The Command & Conquer 4 Worldbuilder is available for download now from either of the links below.

:cc4: http://www.gamershell.com/download_57704.shtml


With the Command & Conquer 4: Tiberian Twilight Worldbuilder you can now create as many 5v5 multiplayer or custom maps to your hearts content and share them with the Command & Conquer community via the official message boards and a wide array of fan-sites. This Worldbuilder tool released is the same exact in-house tool our developers use to create single-player and multiplayer maps. It can be used for basic map-making, and the most advanced extraordinary designs. If this is your first time using Worldbuilder for any of our games, please be sure to read some of the introductory documentation included with the download. You'll need it, Commander! Get mappin!

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Just to inform, this setup does not work for people with the Origin version of the game.

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Just to inform anyone else, zocom did nothing to fix that, even the most blatant methods of fixing up TUC installations.

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Just to inform national geographic viewers


Wolfs and birds usually not get along :D

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