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I hate Scalpel! Help!

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Hi, finally got to play a bit of TW, the game wasn't at bad as people said, the dull looking unit models look better with the TW's engine.

But now i hit the wall... i was at the level to "help the refugee escape after my own wife got shot down and blown to kingdom come"mission, a lot of refugee died by the murdering Nod by the way, but then so did a lot of their Crawler, yea, i did lose the game, well not yet, but did get a lot of immortal and legendary award things...strange.

ok, my problem, when the enemies built like four Scalpel, now i have a problem! i tried to take those suckers down, but by then, it was impossible! they just kept repaired each other at an enormous rate, tried take them on all at once, then again, as i said, they just beamed each other..... and now i would not be able to attack any units course of these Scalpels still in the air.... so guys, please show me your wisdom :doh: ......

oh another smaller thing, how come when i tried to load an old file during in game, i got the loading bar of course, but why was the whole screen just pink, nothing, just pink with the bar??? :huh:

anyway, hope you can help, thank you!!!

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This is the "famous' mission where at your natural progression it's very difficult. I played the Campaign on hard or whatever the top difficulty is called.

I couldn't beat it so I ended up lowering the difficulty to finish the mission. I completed the mission using basic/straight forward tactics. And continued on the campaign on the harder difficulty. When I completed the campaign and maxed out my rank and replayed the mission at hard it was probably just as easy.


So I would reduce the difficulty, or rank up in some skirmish/online games.


But it's been a long time since I played the game...

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I got to a mission I couldn't beat once (Nod, take down the huge transport). I just replayed the previous mission 3 or 4 times so I could build Obelisks, then I beat the next mission.


Then I never touched the game again.

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now i got the whole picture, this is just an unfinished game...disappointing, and also stucked!

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