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Crysis 2 Demo out now

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@Tore: Halo:CE? Then play reach. It's a lot like CE, imo, but with significant changes.


I've played and completed Reach. It was good, but not as good as Halo was at launch.

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Yeah, well, it's kinda explained in one of the Halo: Reach viddocs... Halo: CE just was one of the greatest games, and it gave everyone quite a shock. Melee attacks? A grenade button? Two weapons? Regenerative shields? Those were features pioneered by Halo and consequently copied by many games that followed, most notably... Call of Duty (which was released almost two years after Halo: CE).


Back to topic. I haven't tried Crysis 2's demo yet, but I'll buy the game as soon as it reaches Philippine stores. Here's hoping it's way better than the past iteration.

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A lot of recent games don't use DirectX 10 and 11 that much because it supports Vista and Win7. I bet most EA game studios still are using the old and new technology still being used in Windows XP machines. Same goes for Blizzard for Starcraft II and the World of Warcraft series.


As for Crysis 2, I pass since that game is not as great as the original. And also like any anti-DRM gamer, I will not own and play an EA game that requires Internet connection and a ******* Securom DRM being put in the hard drive.

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