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Game concepts are never stolen, only indirectly inspired

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This is the 100th time I read a comment about a game stealing ideas from another game. I think that these acusations are warped and heavily misinterpreted and it needs some explanation so that nobody will ever say it again. Lets star with discussing these simple questions:


1. Can a game really have an idea that was taken or 'stolen' from other games?

2. What is the definition of stealing?

3. Name some examples of something stealing. Was it really a ripoff or just overlapped idea that the origin can be found in multiple games?

4. What is the difference between stealing and something being similar? 4a. Would you consider two games that fit in the same genre having stolen ideas from each other?



In my opinion, I think the word 'stealing' is out-of-place with obvious evidence. Many ideas just simply overlap and it can be very ridiculous to accuse a game or game company from taking an idea from somewhere else as if they are "stealing".


An obvious example would be rts games. Here is a post from team liquid talking about this http://www.teamliqui...topic_id=247859


the author titled it "Ideas borroed from other rts games" but further explained himself saying that, "[ideas are just similar]"


I put it in this category because I just read a comment on another forum saying "hey CNC4 is a ripoff of from Starcraft 2. Its like saying, "hey! this game has military people, it stole the idea from [insert the name of 9000 shooting games]."



I have minored in psych and respectively in a psych point of view I think there is more emotions involved in stating that politically incorrect statement. In my opinion, players stating this accusation are simply saying:


"hey this game concept was used in [this other game], I am unsatisfied by that and since im just a 12 year old boy I suddenly have an irrational feeling of hating this game and the company and its game developers out of nowhere."

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Imitation is the highest form of flattery


Whilst it is annoying when people bring up the old X stole Y from Z game gambit, I don't think anyone seriously gives it any real merit. Those people who do take it seriously and go on their little hate campaigns needs to chill out.


Its easiest to just ignore this sort of behaviour because it'll never go away.

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Nah, C&C is totally stealing ideas. I come up with great ideas for games all the time and they've obviously put electronic bugs in my house in order to rip them off.

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Nah, C&C is totally stealing ideas.


That's not entirely true. Even Starcraft I and II stole some C&C parts as ripoffs.

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I'm bringing this back now, you have only yourself to blame:


You are the most oblivious person on the Internet.

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