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More Potential Tiberium Game Logos Revealed

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The resourcefulness of the C&C community never ceases to amaze. The French C&C fan site, CNC Saga, has somehow managed to discover some more potential logos for the cancelled Tiberium game. Here are some samples:



See them all right here. You can read more about Tiberium on our Cancelled C&C Games section and on EVA Database.

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I still can't believe they went with that GDI logo. It's such a horrible change in style from the CC1/TS versions... And the Nod logo stays virtually unchanged save for ninja star extensions protruding from it.


/EA's artists really have a lot of creativity

//No, really, I'm not being sarcastic at all

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Science behind tiberium really has changed.. if they sticked to the TD/TS tiberium they wouldn't get such silly ideas. Those crystal-infested logos don't look good at all. Tiberian faction logos with a biohazard also look awkward to me for some reason.

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