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  1. Don't use Launch Base.
  2. It's been modified for better readability. it would be modified even further if it was possible to remove tree presence from it in this game.
  3. Speak for yourself, I did need the ID sequel. Had a large craving for it, oh yeah.
  4. Pardon the bump, but I'm pretty sure everyone knows that. However, this particular LEGO piece presents their incarnations from Mental Omega, complete with the tesla cannon and "mad" teeth.
  5. Yes. http://mo.cncguild.net/support
  6. I don't see how any of those two points relate to the quality of the mod itself. 1) It's been known for long time that Ares DLL has saving and loading disabled and we as modders can't do anything about it. 2) Blame the rippers.
  7. If we're talking about the story we've prepared for new version, then MO 3.0 is a sequel to Red Alert 1.
  8. 1.0/1.2 - none 2.0 - ~30 single 3.0 - 36 single + 18 coop 3.0 missions are completely new and not updates of 2.0 missions.
  9. Speeder

    Latest Tiberium Alliances Artwork

    The core C&C community isn't really the target audience.
  10. Speeder

    Ares v0.2 Released

    This is not true at all. Just because DCoder left doesn't mean Ares has been abandoned. AlexB carries the project and he does a very good job at it.
  11. RockPatch doesn't have a virus, Norton thinks it's a virus because of some weird stuff. Anyway, RockPatch is defintiely not what truly "patches" YR. Noone's working on/fixing Red Alert 2. Strike-Team releases some multiplayer updates from time to time, like automatic screenshot maker. The only people who are actually fixing Yuri's Revenge engine bugs are the Ares team. Noone will touch the rules of the game, because a consensus between all YR players will never be achieved, leaving Ares' engine improvements the only patches you can ever expect. Oh, and 1.002 UMP is long dead.
  12. As I've written in the comments section for the video itself, the new approach might turn out good (although that bright background isn't good, try to build a set next time ) but as long as you mix it with the way you showed news from various sites before. That's how it was in the BCPT too, they mixed live-action footage with screenshots, videos & site caps. Also, I'm still waiting for you to start putting Red Alert 2/Yuri's Revenge online games in your Battlecast. That's something even the original didn't do and I always felt it's a backstab to the pre-SAGE fans. There's a lot of activity on Strike-Team so you should take a look there.
  13. Speeder

    New Look CNCNZ.com Launched

    It looks pretty nice. One question though: where are affiliates located now?
  14. Science behind tiberium really has changed.. if they sticked to the TD/TS tiberium they wouldn't get such silly ideas. Those crystal-infested logos don't look good at all. Tiberian faction logos with a biohazard also look awkward to me for some reason.