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Adding Colors & Game Data?

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These are the things that I'm trying to do in CNC3 TW with TibED.




I want to stop units from being seen behind objects just like in Generals /ZH menu that allows you to turn of the Occlusion feature.


I know that this is in the GameData.ini ("UseBehindBuildingMarker = Yes" to "UseBehindBuildingMarker = No") in GameData.ini but I can't find it anywhere in TibED.



Change the starting money in the RULES.


This is in TibED but when I change it nothing happens.

TibED takes all the edits that I made to the game except for this...is this actually disabled in TibED ?



Enable building walls.



Adding new colors to the current color list.


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C&C3 TW and all recent C&C games are incompatible in TibEd.

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zocom7... TibEd2 was made for these games <_<

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