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Tsun graphics patch for Win7/8 64-bit?

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Has anyone in the Command & Patch team (including Hyper) attempted to fix this graphics issue for RA2 and Tsun under Windows 7/8 64-bit when there are so many units in-game?


I remember AlexB's version of the same thing (except it did not mention it can cover under Win7/8 64-bit):



I like this other idea in this thread, but this might be fake (and a rip-off):



Source to the real thing: http://donlucifergames.com/specials/command-conquer-graphics-patch/


There is one for Red Alert 2 as well but it winds up in the same link.


The technical issue is getting to the download (because I don't want to do the spam offers). I highly doubt that guy made the fixes working in-game. Another thing, that site may be holding other illegal stuff that I do not tell about, because neither RA2 and Generals are freeware.

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What graphics issue? The only issue I know of when it comes to units is lag and that has been an issue ever since TS was released. It's picky about the hardware it runs on. I have a WinXP machine where TS lags with 5 units on screen and ddwrapper or AlexB's Graphics Patch fixes that.


The only other issues I can think of is that in some cases TS wont render menus (happens very often on Win8), the screen is cut in half and the issue where there's a white border in the middle.

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