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1. Is there a way, either by using the editor or a script, that I can increase the number of building queues?


Say if I wanted to be able to build two defensive structures simultaneously


2. I'm also trying to figure out how to increase the max number of units being built at a time.


I've played on maps where instead of building a max of 30 at a time, the value was set at 60


3. Lastly, I have have enabled ICBMs on goodie crates, I would like to be able to increase the amount of superweapon queues for the same weapon under my defense tab,


Exampe: i get an ICBM from a crate but havent used it yet, then i get another ICBM from a crate. I dont want the new ICBMs to rollover onto and eliminate/overwrite the one received before it. I would like to have multiple availble superweapon queues for the same superweapon.


3a. I would also like to be able to do the same for the paratrooper queue


for instance I would like to have a queue available for each tech airport that is captured


I have seen this available on a couple modded RA2 maps but i'm yet to find it on YR



Note: I am modding all of this for YR




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Guest Rabbit

1. Unfortunately, you can't build more than one structure per tab at a time.


2. On the left menu, click "General," then, click "General # 2" at the top. Then, click "Hack section #2." Change "MaximumQueuedObjects" to whatever number you'd like.


3. Like buildings, you can't have multiple of the same superweapon waiting, it just doesn't work that way.


You could, however, create multiple identical paratrooper special weapons and create identical airports that are technically different buildings. It might take some work, but I think it's doable, someone else can correct me if I'm wrong, but let's say you want a max of 5 paradrops on queue - I believe you'd have to create 5 tech airports in the rules and 5 different paradrop special weapons, linking them each to a different airport.


I suppose the same would work for the nuke, but you wouldn't be able to link each one to a different crate. You'd have to link the nuke superweapons to different buildings.

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This might be asking too much, but I'm hoping you or someone else can help me.


What do each of the option within the hack sections do exactly?


I'm hoping to get a fully detailed list.


If this is too much work, is there an online wiki or manual that lists such parameters?

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Most of them are pretty self-explanatory. Most of them have a description within TibEd. This site has a better description for most of them. As far as I know, a true fully detailed list does not exist and modders are generally too lazy to create one for someone else who is too lazy to figure things out for themselves.

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I wouldn't consider myself lazy. Instead, I'm not as experienced with modding as many are. I seek tutorials on lots of things and info from different sources. I'd rather learn how to do something before I change something that's difficult to fix (a consequence of figuring things out for yourself, i.e. trial and error), which is the main purpose I ask for assistance on your forum.

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I am not saying you are lazy necessarily, but that is how people perceive those who want them to provide everything.


I think it is fair to say most of the experience modders learned their way in this world by trial and error. We've all gotten our share of internal errors.

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I've caused the weirdest IEs before... and I've caused my share of dumb ones like misspelling a damn weapon name. We all learn through trial and error and it's the only way to learn in this game.


Though, honestly, if you want to really mod... don't use TibEd.

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