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Hard Modding

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I have noticed several advanced members of this forum speak of certain things as being "hardwired" into games.


I am the type of person that believes anything can be done with the right skill set and tools.


If one desired to alter the hardwiring of a game, such as RA2 or YR, how exactly would one go about doing so?


Would tools would one need?


What steps would one have to take?



**I understand that this might violate certain securities within the programming**



However, lets disregard securities. Say that there were no copyrights and protections.


What exactly would one have to do to achieve this goal?

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It's "hardcoded".


Hardcoding can be changed, but it isn't easy. There have been a few projects that have worked to do so with varying levels of success. Ares is one such project and probably the least messy one.

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If you want to help Ares, they could use some new C++ people. If you don't know C++ and don't intend to learn it, don't bother. But if you're willing to learn (if you don't already), they can use the help.

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