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The end of Cartoon and Conquer

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I have decided to end Cartoon and Conquer with episode #101. This is not happening soon, going by the usual schedule, #101 will not be released until the 27th of February 2015. It is possible the plan may change before that time, but that is unlikely.


The reason I will be ending the strip is because it is becoming increasingly difficult to come up with new scripts and it is not as fun as it used to be (of course, if EA wanted to start paying me to continue them... ;) ).


From the beginning, I knew I would eventually grow weary of it, and that is why I decided to do it every other week instead of every week. I originally wanted to do at least 50 episodes, and had I gone with a shorter schedule, that is probably exactly how many I would have done.

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Everything that has a beginning has an end and I knew you would make the right decision, Nmenth. Humorous jokes are indeed running out.

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Quite reasonable. But at the same time a real shame. Your comics often make my day a bit funnier and I enjoyed most of them so far. Also, hats off for getting this far and thanks for doing all of this. :)

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