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Command & Conquer Legos Reboot

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Command & Conquer Legos is coming back! This time, Command & Conquer Legos will be loosely inspired by various Command & Conquer mods, or simply going in its own direction. Either way, it is no longer following the official games.

So I’m rebooting the C&C LEGO series. The new series will loosely follow some of the mods around the C&C community and will also go in directions never made. Essentially, this is like the modded version of C&C Legos, because let’s face it, apparently I just can’t let go.


It should also noted that while it is still created by Zee Hypnotist, it is not officially part of the original series or have any involvement from CNCNZ.com.

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After reading this, now I know why: http://zeehive.net/?p=1526


But why a C&C Legos reboot, Zee Hypnotist? If that's the case you are making, maybe can bring back Tiberium Chronicles episode 2 and finish it up.


With AZ-Stalker MIA on new episodes of Tiberium Daylight, I guess the CNCNZ community needs something back to read.

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With AZ-Stalker MIA on new episodes of Tiberium Daylight.

I've just been very busy. I'll get back to it eventually. :)

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Noticing the new weapon flashes and blood effects instead of clay, now that's improvement! ^_^

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