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No Command & Conquer Announcements From EA at Gamescom 2015

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Just like E3 back in June, once again long suffering Command & Conquer fans have lucked out, EA have had their Gamescom 2015 Press Conference and no surprise announcements about the future of the franchise were made. Traditionally, Command & Conquer has always had some form of a strong presence at Gamescom in recent years. So where does this leave the Command & Conquer franchise moving forward? Unfortunately we can't answer that, but it doesn't look good at all. With August 2015 being the 20th anniversary of the original Command & Conquer it was the perfect time for EA to bring Command & Conquer back. Sorry EA, you've missed the boat here and failed to capitalise. If you're interested in what EA did announce at Gamescom, you can watch the full press conference right here. Alternatively, GameSpot have good summary.

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Hands up for anyone that is surprised by this....


If any of you did you need a slap to the face. ^_^


Ok, serious time. This is pretty much another nail in the coffin for the series. They can say what they like; say they are working on something; that they haven't given up on the franchise; just wait and see. Well I think most of us here are in agreement that we are tired of waiting and that we are sick of having a carrot dangled in our faces one too many times. Only through the awesome community (what's left of it anyway) and through mods will C&C remain alive.

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In that case, C&C really is dying. Few active mods remain, few are the fansites that are built for the franchise in part or completely. And it's only getting worse. People find it easier to sit helplessly and cry than to activate and potentially hinder the dark statistics, even for just a little bit.


Hope dies last, I guess, they might do something someday, but at the same time, I dread of what it will be.

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Sorry EA, you've missed the boat here and failed to capitalise.


The question is how much they could capitalise. Frankly, nowadays the RTS genre is in decline. I no longer deal with gaming industry like few years ago, but from what i know the number of strategy titles released in last few years isn't overwhelming. There were few games like Grey Goo, but - let's be honest - they weren't significant. In near future Blizzard will release their last episode to mediocre (in plot) strategy, Starcraft II. I doubt that anyone could dethrone this game, or at least mark existance on RTS genre map. Especially a company, which was few years ago called worst company in US.


There are no chances for new chapter of C&C or reboot in near future. The "C&C" brand is too valuable to be sold, and too underestimated to work on.


Personally, i think it is dead from now on.

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I'm repeatig myself, but anyway, there's a RTS coming now in Q3 or Q4 called Shipbreakers, inside the Homeworld universe.

I think it might sell above GreyGoo, because the game is under development since 2010.

If this game performs well, it will be good news for the genre.


I have only 2 concerns with this game: Unity engine and the number of units + number of factions. Since I'm not inside the development, I have no idea what's gonna be. Some devs in other forums said that Unity should not be a concern or underestimated. So, maybe by 3rd parties influence, we have some novelty. Otherwise, I have no other resource available to think about it.

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