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  1. Is A New C&C Game In Development?

    I love how you mock Westwood fanboys and mock people hating EA yet you have a huge hate boner for Petroglyph it is borderline sad.
  2. Is A New C&C Game In Development?

    I don't know, the game is getting some positive praise thus far on Early Access. Say what you will about Petroglyph, at least they are still making RTS games.
  3. That I did know, actually. What I was talking about, is when Westwood got themselves into a lot of debt with the whole Earth and Beyond failure, which forced them to be enveloped into EA completely.
  4. Trust me, me bashing EA is more than just about Westwood and C&C and no, not saying Westwood isn't totally blameless either since they foolish let themselves go into so much debt they had no choice but to make a deal with the devil. Again, you misread what I said. Since EA (the publisher) gave only EALA (the developer) 11 months total to develop the game, they didn't have time to really flush out the story from the previous game since 11 months is laughably a small amount of development time so the team had to make some sort of a hodgepodge of a story. No, they didn't influence the story via their own ideas, they influenced it via shortening their time to make a decent story. Haha, you are so witty...yeah they are a bit like Saturday morning cartoon villains with the silliness but sometimes even those Saturday morning cartoons (at least when I was a kid) sometimes were a bit serious. Obviously you and I see this differently so no more point in talking about this. Oh you warned me did you? Like I give a damn...
  5. Anti-EA? I'm proudly anti-EA and you giving them any sort of leeway or butt kissing isn't going to help bring back C&C anytime soon. Okay, so again, where am I wrong in my previous statement? When I meant EA, I meant EA and NOT EALA. I know the difference between publishers and developers as well you fucking gimp. And since EA gave them only 11 months, how is it again NOT EA's doing in making the story shitty? And no, played PLENTY of RA2/YR friend, look at what my favorite game is under my avatar next time. Yes, I agree that RA2/YR was a bit cartoony but it was still kinda trying to take itself serious and still had a semi-serious or perhaps a better way to say it, dark humor tone to it, which I liked. RA3 however turned up the silly to fucking one billion times over and it was just plain stupid.
  6. I figured this was going to written by Mr. Wolf and hey, some of it I'll agree with. At first AT FIRST, the EA takeover didn't seem so bad. I mean my favorite C&C is RA2/YR and that was under EA's rule. However I think as the years went on, EA (as they usually do) started to dig their claws slowly into the company a bit more and probably started to have a bit more oversight into the franchise and how they were starting to change the story in TW for the worse (how they did Tiberium, Forgot the Forgotten for the most part). As for RA3, yeah, it went WAYYY overboard with the cartoony stuff. Not to mention the whole idea of having to have a second commander on the field, which mind you, is fine and great if you have an another human player but sucks with the AI. The whole water.amphibious angle didn't quite work out and it was just more like a different kind of landmass. And some of the units were just so dumb and/or unless. I'm thinking RA3 was the turning point of when things were going downhill for C&C. As for Tiberium Twilight and Generals 2, there's no real blame to pass onto other than EA for sure. You can debate earlier C&C games and EA's influence on those being suspect, but not with these two, not with me. Petroglyph? Yeah...no. Their time has long pass in being any sort of Westwood Studios successor. They are pretty mediocre at best and not really that great at worst. Grey Goo is probably the closest they will ever reach in making a decent C&C-like successor and even then that game didn't particularly set the RTS world on fire. And EA will make sure to hold C&C IP hostage because even if they don't want to make a decent RTS out of it, they sure as hell won't sell it to someone else without making them pay through the nose and make them look like chumps in the process. The only real hope C&C fans have it seems is perhaps one day, some small indie studio, much like old school Westwood, will make some sort of spiritual sequel to the series. Granted, it won't be truly C&C but I feel that someone can re-capture that vibe we all got when we played our first games. Or at least one can dream.
  7. Coming Soon

    Zee, you sly dog...you just can't quit them Legos can you?
  8. You are cheeky little monkey there, Zee But yeah, I bet it was a pain in the ass to make all of those videos.
  9. CNCNZ.com Will Prevail

    Thanks for keeping the lights on, Zee!! This is why I gotta love the C&C community, they pretty much almost never say die.
  10. Great....I am so excited that the Tiberium Alliances forums are going to be updated...truly EA has shown they still care about the Command & Conquer franchise with this gesture.....
  11. Bet they are eating some damn crow now, aren't they? I mean really...if you like single player you are brain dead...go **** yourself. A big HUGE reason that C&C was popular in the early days was because of the SINGLE PLAYER!!! Multiplayer back then was just a bonus.
  12. Wow, this dude did a lot of back peddling now, didn't he? He went from "THIS WILL BE GREAT GUYZ!!!! F2P IZ AWESUM" to now "OH IT WAS HORRIBLE!!" Honestly it sounds like this guy is a big douche in my eyes.
  13. Oh no doubt. I know it wasn't their (the devs) choice. It was just good ol' EA being good ol' EA again! And funny enough they were the ones that killed off the project because they even knew they screwed themselves with that stupid idea.