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  1. neojames82

    C&C Remasters - FMVs

    I was always wondering how they were going to address this. It is very sad that they couldn't find the full raw film footage. Obviously storing this stuff wasn't as much a high priority back then because backing these things up was super expensive and I guess this was a thing back in the early and even the not-so-early days of game development. Things have to be sacrificed, including source codes and footage like this. I guess there is a bright spot with today's game development is that it is a A LOT easier to back things up and archive them for possible future use and for historical purposes. As for the process they are doing it is a nice step up at least. It isn't going to be perfect but they did more than alright with what they had to work with. Finding all the behind the scenes stuff is actually quite a nice bonus that I'm glad they are going to add to the remaster.
  2. Have to say it...it looks good to me so far.
  3. neojames82

    Scrin = Ancient Humans?

  4. Doesn't look that bad to me.
  5. Welp....looks like a Con Yard at least.
  6. That's because most of the famous people from the C&C community have pretty much left/retired after putting up with EA's nonsense and lack of interest in the series for over a decade.
  7. Of course if they could get away with this shit you know they would do it a million times over.
  8. I'm curious as to see if the FMV movies will still have the compressed look or do they still have the original; uncompressed video files available to put in the remasters.
  9. So what is your un-filtered views on Petroglyph Games developing the re-makes, Wolf?
  10. So they are REALLY going through with this...alright, let the disaster begin!!!
  11. Biggest thing that killed this game from the start was that it went from Generals 2 to this F2P nonsense. Had it stayed Generals 2 and as a retail product it could have been a hit.
  12. neojames82

    10 Years of Red Alert 3

    Yeah, them cartoony tanks...they were pretty horrible.
  13. neojames82

    10 Years of Red Alert 3

    Went back and played this a few moths ago. I must admit, I thought I'd hate playing it but I had an RTS itch I needed to scratch and had in my Steam and actually liked it. I thought going back to it I would not like it as much but no, single player was great fun. Not to mention I still think it is a looker in the RTS world as well, especially the water, hot damn that water looks sexy in that game! That being said, I will still stand by this statement, I think they went way too overboard with the goofiness. I'll be fair, RA2/YR had it moments as well but it still somewhat invoked a sort of dark humor in it and was still slightly trying to take itself seriously. But with RA3 they raised the wackiness to like 12 and well, at times it took you out of the game. Regardless of that, still a fun game to play, though not as memorable as RA2/YR will be for me.