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  1. neojames82

    C&C Rivals

    Good god...my heart just sank when I saw this. This THIS is what he was hyping up for months on his damn Twitter. I mean, was he just bored after awhile with Starcraft 2? I mean, say what you will about the game but at least Blizzard still updates the damn game to this day! Unlike EA where they just give you a few patches (if you're lucky) and they let the game just rot. I'm wondering if there is an equal term for "Buyers Remorse" but with switching jobs because I think Greg Black just did that in spectacular fashion!
  2. neojames82

    Q&A with CnC Rivals’ Alex “Gasty” Hetu

    If having to blindly support Rivals is the ONLY way that we will get a proper RTS that we've been patiently waiting for years, then I'd rather just have C&C go back into EA's coffers; never to be used in such a stupid way ever again.
  3. I'm not going to act like it's going to be awesome once it's out of alpha; beta or final release either.
  4. They better get their god damn acts together before this game goes live and before people start spending their money on it. Or can you even start giving them money now in the alpha? I'm pretty sure the PAYMENT system is probably not/won't having any issues...
  5. Actually, the only reason that EA changed the policies for Battlefront II was because the Belgium (and very possibility the entire EU) was going to come down hard on EA for the loot boxes questionably being akin to be under age gambling, which of course is illegal. And of course EA backed off because even they don't have enough money or lawyers in the world to take on an entire continental government in a court battle. It sadly had little or nothing to do with gamers complaining about it. https://www.pcgamer.com/belgium-says-loot-boxes-are-gambling-wants-them-banned-in-europe/
  6. Yeah...was hanging on the forlorn hope myself, friend. But alas, C&C, TRUE C&C, is dead yet again for at least another 10 years.
  7. This one looks promising at least: https://twitter.com/mars2000game
  8. PC Gaming conference still going, still no C&C news...hopefully they'll save it for the end of the conference. (Update @ 4:49 PM PST)Annnnd, conference over and not a damn thing...well, guess that's that then. We are stuck with the failure that is Rivals.
  9. Give it a fair shake...nope, not even once. I honestly hope it does flop and flop hard.
  10. Plus it wasn't lead up to being reveled as a new C&C after an 8 year drought.
  11. The only reason they thought it was a good idea is that they listened to a bunch of stupid executives and stock holders that know nothing about gaming.
  12. Thank you for finding it, PurpleGaga.
  13. Yes, exactly. This game doesn't really have a huge following that will satisfy either category. There is no real target audience here that is going to be diving into this.
  14. Well, maybe they didn't know that there was going to also be a legit C&C...yeah, I know I'm grasping at straws...
  15. There was a rumor posted on the C&C Reddit thread that during the PC Gaming conference tomorrow (Monday) that EA is going to have a surprise annoucment for an C&C game that will be a proper PC/Mac release. I ani't holding my breath on that rumor though.