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  1. neojames82

    Which game series should take a break?

    Any god damn battle royale games need to stop.
  2. Too bad that didn't last very long.
  3. neojames82

    CNCNZ.com Has Moved To Croatia

    Well we know that GDI has had problems with funding in the past: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RCyl_5HjgRw
  4. Point is, I'm pretty sure Patrick also toed the company line just as much as everyone. I just think that EA needed a "target" for all the disdain that the C&C fan base was giving the company for the reaction to Rivals. I am also under no allusions either, just because he is gone doesn't mean that suddenly we are going to get the C&C we actually want. They are unfortunately many heads on the EA hydra that want Rivals to be the future of C&C so just cutting off one head isn't enough.
  5. Guessing you didn't see the niche gamer link. Well, here, can't get more direct than EA's website: https://www.ea.com/en-ca/news/an-update-on-our-creative-leadership
  6. You can have as much sauce as you like, sir.
  7. Well at least part of the cancer has left EA: https://nichegamer.com/2018/08/14/patrick-soderlund-leaves-electronic-arts/ Remembering that this is the jackass saying that C&C fans didn't know what they wanted....good fucking riddance.
  8. Well, they are for sure the worst gaming company in the world, no doubt about that. Good, the sooner this company dies the better. Maybe then C&C will be finally freed from its hellish prison.
  9. How about they make a change that most of us want in this; make this an ACTUAL Command & Conquer game?! No? Okay, fuck off then.
  10. neojames82

    Finally I got to play this game that doesn't look like an RTS

    So it is an extremely; unapologetic mobile game then. Yay...wonderful..."A Command & Conquer for a new generation." Yeah, a generation of stupid idiots that only play cow clickers!
  11. neojames82

    Command & Conquer Wiki Will Move to Gamepedia

    Fandom is a POS website anyway. You are better off leaving them behind. They are turning into another Kotaku/Polygon clone, which the internet doesn't need.
  12. Good lord...those "maps" are so fucking small it's embarrassing. It's like if they looked at their kids' playing with their Lego blocks and said "HEY! THERE'S ARE NEW MAPS FOR RIVALS!".
  13. neojames82

    Finally I got to play this game that doesn't look like an RTS

    Oh great...they are going with the whole "Candy Crush" thing...this just keeps getting more and more stupid.
  14. So not only does EA not really frequent their updates for these games, they even fail to notice the difference between the units during the campaign vs. them during online play. I mean, can't you make the stats for the units different in each mode? Pretty sure you can, but that's probably asking too much for these "professionals".
  15. neojames82

    Finally I got to play this game that doesn't look like an RTS

    Thanks for being a brave guinea pig, Purple. As expected, this game seems to be a complete waste of time and filled with the "fun" that mobile games love to have like loot boxes and microtransactions. Also, having to win 5 matches just to level up? I'm wondering then how the matchmaking in this game is because if you keep facing a player that is "better" or really "spends more money than you" then you probably are never going to level up quick enough unless you start plunking down some bucks, which of course is probably what they want in the first place.