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  1. Coming Soon

    Zee, you sly dog...you just can't quit them Legos can you?
  2. You are cheeky little monkey there, Zee But yeah, I bet it was a pain in the ass to make all of those videos.
  3. CNCNZ.com Will Prevail

    Thanks for keeping the lights on, Zee!! This is why I gotta love the C&C community, they pretty much almost never say die.
  4. Great....I am so excited that the Tiberium Alliances forums are going to be updated...truly EA has shown they still care about the Command & Conquer franchise with this gesture.....
  5. Bet they are eating some damn crow now, aren't they? I mean really...if you like single player you are brain dead...go **** yourself. A big HUGE reason that C&C was popular in the early days was because of the SINGLE PLAYER!!! Multiplayer back then was just a bonus.
  6. Wow, this dude did a lot of back peddling now, didn't he? He went from "THIS WILL BE GREAT GUYZ!!!! F2P IZ AWESUM" to now "OH IT WAS HORRIBLE!!" Honestly it sounds like this guy is a big douche in my eyes.
  7. Oh no doubt. I know it wasn't their (the devs) choice. It was just good ol' EA being good ol' EA again! And funny enough they were the ones that killed off the project because they even knew they screwed themselves with that stupid idea.
  8. Well it is a Kotaku article, don't expect any sort of journalistic professionalism nor integrity.
  9. At least he admitted the big problem with this game having no future, making it F2P. You can never make a F2P RTS work, ever.
  10. Well, it makes it all the worse because this game was funded by a multi-billion dollar company that doesn't know how to make games. Where as the crap on Greenlight is usually made by amateurs or intentionally made bad by trolls.
  11. 10 Years of C&C 3: Tiberium Wars

    Oh my god that sounds infinetly more awesome than the lame ass story we ended up with....
  12. 10 Years of C&C 3: Tiberium Wars

    The game was not perfect, but it was a step in the right direction at least. Very enjoyable to play for sure in the very least. Kane's Wrath was a nice expansion as well. Sadly I think this was the last time C&C had a chance of coming back in the limelight...