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Since EA released RA2/YR for free so generously out of their goodwill and honest intentions... :puke: a few of my friends acquired it, causing a renewed interest in the old games to form, and my motivation to take up modding again has strengthened.


And so, I have decided to resuscitate my Paradigma mod.


My familiarity with RA2 code has waned somewhat, but my artistic skills and experience has increased.


Some old graphics are sub-par and will be refined or replaced. Some ideas are unfeasible or lame and will be reworked.


My desire to make a pure mod, unharnessed to a third party like Ares, has grown and the begrudging willingness to compromise that had slowly developed in the past is dead once again. The limitations of the RA2/YR engine will not be overcome by circumvention, they will be accepted and plans will be changed to accommodate. In all honestly, accepting Ares as a requirement for my mod was a major factor in dissolving my motivation to work on it.


I cleaned up the old Paradigma site a little, but Google Sites is seriously terrible at inserting redundant code, so it is still a horrible mess under the surface. It functions though, and since it is just a mod, I really don't care and couldn't be bothered wasting hours to manually write the html properly.


Assuming I get around to finishing the mod this time, I will provide it as a publicly available download and all its assets will be made available as well.

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Nice to hear your motivation is back

Would like to see more Ra2/YR mods out there :)


Wish you luck

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This is terrific news! :D

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