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Activision Blizzard launches movie and TV studio

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Get ready for a Call of Fail (I mean Call of Duty) movie in 2018:





Well since most movies based from video games are mostly a fail to critics, I sincerely hope that Activision Blizzard will bring something to light that will apprecaite critics. Besides Warcraft and COD, I hope they bring Starcraft and Guitar Hero to the movies as well.


As for EA, THEY HAD BETTER HAVE ONE AS WELL! Besides Need for Speed, they also need a Battlefield, Dragon Age, Mass Effect, Dead Space, Mirror's Edge, Plants vs Zombies animation and possibly a C&C movie(s).



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fail to critics ... will apprecaite critics

Do only the opinions of critics matter?

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'Guitar Hero' or Singstar movie...

hmmm... that's a loose-enough tie to actually work as long as it was real equipment not the game equipment.

I could see that working in some Studio Executive's mind... more for the after-movie sales... more as an expensive trailer for the game...

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I've yet to see a decent Video game to Movie/TV conversion yet. I have low expectations.

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I really like the first Mortal Kombat movie... and the Prince of Persia game was entertaining (but I never played the games.)

In the same light, the John Carter movie was enjoyable light entertainment.

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