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Mental Omega News Bulletin #19 - More "Side 4" Development

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The Mental Omega mod for Yuri's Revenge is back in the news with a fresh new update. News Bulletin #19 reveals many new items related to the development of the entirely new Side 4 in the mod. And entirely new faction added to the game also means new sub-factions. And there is lost of info about these new sub-faction that have been named "Haihead", "Wings of Coronia" and the "Last Bastion". Visit the Mental Omega site now for the full details. While you're there, you can also catch up on the all the developer play-through videos that are available.

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That night-light effect in the above image is nice.


I know it's been done to death in FPS, but someone should try and design a map/mission like that, and take advantage of the visual cues to hide/highlight different things...


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I recall I saw Redeemer model in one of RA2/YR mods


Been wondering if MO was one of them and who the hell made it


Also which mods are using it

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