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Broadcasting with OBS

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I cannot figure out how to minimize the game window so I can use "Sizer" to fit the window in OBS. I would broadcast the full screen if I could figure out how. Any help here would be appreciated. I have not played in 10 yrs looking to get back into it.


Thank You in Advance,



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From your shoutbox post, I assume you're talking Zero Hour and TW.


Both can be run in a window by applying the -win parameter to their shortcuts (right-click on shortcut -> Properties -> Shortcut tab -> Target). You can also put -xres and -yres parameters to manually set up a resolution.


For example...


"C:\Your TW directory\cnc3game.exe" -win -xres 800 -yres 600


...will run the game in a 800x600 window (you can set your own desired resolution).


Do note that The Ultimate Collection version requires that you disable the Origin functionality for all games within TUC and apply Bibber's fixed launchers to enable parameters to go through (and fix some other issues).

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As written in the shoutbox:

For TW use the command line switches -win -fullscreen combined with -xres -yres (each followed by the resolution you want) and -xpos -ypos (both followed by 0)

That gives you a borderless window at the top left corner with the desired resolution for example -win -fullscreen -xres 1920 -yres 1080 -xpos 0 -ypos 0

-win also works in Generals, dunno about the others.

You also don't need a sizer, just tell it to use the game window. (I use the same program to record ingame stuff)


Btw as source, don't use window capture but game capture.

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