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Command and Conquer Generals / ZH don't work full screen win 10

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I have this strange problem where I can run CnC generals/ Zero Hour in Windowed mode but when I run in full screen mode it automatically minimizes. I am operating on win 10 using the AMd r9 270x. I am playing on the tfd 1.03 rev4 patched versions of CnC generals and zero hour. Is there any way you guys could assist me? I had the same problem with CnC3 but I fixed it when I launched in Windowed mode. :)

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koonbeast    0

I've been searching forums all day. maybe I missed it, but how did you get c&c generals / zh working at all on w10? ive done the dx9 files and unofficial patch, and the game wont start. after running compatibility mode, all I get is a "serious error."

edit: nevermind, lol. fixed my problem on a different thread

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