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The third official patch to C&C Tiberian Dawn Redux v1.4.
(Patch v1.43) has been released!





This patch includes 8 additional singleplayer missions and several fixes were also made to the existing campaign missions. This brings the grand total of missions to 26. This patch also reworks and fixes several general gameplay bugs as well.


8 additional campaign missions completed with their respective intro videos
Fixed an AI exploit preventing tank machine guns from damaging aircraft
M110 Artillery (Nod) speed slightly decreased
Assault APC price increased from $500 to $800 (pre-loaded with two Rocket Soldiers now)
Airfields (excluding Nod Airstrip) reduced from $2000 to $1000
Grenadiers made more powerful and more accurate (to encourage use over rocket soldiers)
Both vehicle missile and machine gun upgrades reduced from $1000 to $600
Power Plant HP increased from 800 to 1000
Tiberium Silo Auto Deposit Amount reduced from $200 to $75
Mammoth Tank Armor and speed slightly decreased (including Adv. Mammoth)
Mammoth Tusk Missile Firing Rate slightly decreased
Flame Tank Armor slightly increased
Helicopter and fighter jet locomotors slowed to reduce graphical and gameplay glitches
Tiberium income amounts reduced slightly
Tiberium growth rate significantly reduced (to reduce lag and game crashes from overpopulation)
Weapons can now fire over low profile structures without exploding over them (Helipad, Repair Bay, .etc)
Guard Tower damage and firing rate slightly increased
APC machine gun firing burst rate decreased (does not apply to Assault APC)
Bradley (Light Tank) speed slightly decreased
Grand Canyon Skirmish Map rebalanced and reduced to 3 players to fix AI issues
Dynamite Dunes Skirmish Map rebalanced
Armored Assault Skirmish Map rebalanced
Framerate improvements on the Tiberium Gardens Skirmish Map
Framerate improvements to GDI SPEC OPS Mission #1
Framerate improvements to GDI Mission #8
Fixed an issue preventing players from finishing Nod Mission #4
Engineers can now hijack and not simply disable unarmed vehicles (MCV and Harvester)
Tank and Missile projectile splash damage reduced
Several models have been reworked and retextured


Also note that the campaign cutscenes have also been edited and updated. You can download the complete set which will be needed for future releases HERE.

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Thank you so much for the countless hours and efforts you probably put into this mod. This mod needs more recognition.

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Hope this doesn't count as a necropost but I wanted to mention that Nod 13 is completed and is being beta tested.



Discussion with link is here: https://forums.cncnet.org/index.php?topic=5019.msg53187#new

Yes it is a beta file but its the final Nod campaign mission and with the mod being 10 years old, I don't care too much about it being leaked prematurely.
Make sure to grab the data folder when installing to an existing install of TDR.

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And here is the final Nod mission in action. A must watch. The gameplay in the video from our beta tester turned out fantastic and GDI truly put up a good final last stand. And yes the final cinematic does play once the mission finishes.



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