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Trump vs The World (the next 4 years)

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Forget about Trump vs the what, it's the world now. Probably soon more than half the world will hate and decry Trump and hope for a recall, but the US Constitution doesn't allow it unless you implement it with the Electoral College and not Congress. But would anyone want to abolish the Electoral College: http://www.huffingtonpost.com/byron-williams/blaming-the-electoral-col_b_13111626.html


This is the thread to discuss all about Trump for the next 4 years, especially the 60 things he needs to accomplish or possibly fail: https://www.washingtonpost.com/graphics/politics/trump-promise-tracker/?tid=graphics-story


But I am pretty sure you Kiwis and the others don't give a **** about him. Things have gone from bad to worse, something in just in the first week of the Trump administration this is something that Putin or even Kim Jong-Un might do but not like this.


-- At first, Trump is repealing the Affordable Care Act (aka ObamaCare), but unfortunately no official replacement has been made so it's stuck for now.

-- Second, Trump wants to build a wall between USA and Mexico, but has it started yet? No! There are conflicts and barriers on how to create a $14 billion USD on an estimated 2000 mile wall.

-- Third, Trump is banning and barring some certain refugees and illegal immigrants to the USA (only from seven countries and possibly more countries to add soon). Actually he wanted to limit population control in addition to prevent possible terrorist attacks from Islam/Muslim areas. Well what about Canada, Mexico and China?


And the list goes on and on.....


Most people knew that Trump can handle good business but not politics. Anybody who remembered Trump's inaugural speech about ending the American carnage certainly feels like creating a possible world carnage and "the beginning of the end". Well the big question is, how can you make America great again by limiting and restricting to do what's right without the possibility of reversing it?


Maybe it's about time I thought about moving to Middle-Earth and let US suffer.

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He's proclaimed a lot of ****, but it has to actually be approved. Granted, Republicans hold the majority in Washington, which is the worst part, but they still have to agree to it. Trump stating a bunch of **** doesn't mean a damn thing. In truth, I'm not worried about Trump by himself. He's a blowhard, sure, but he's an egomaniac and may actually have some decent ideas for the US. He's an egomaniac and will do things that make him look good to as many people as possible. Those things themselves may benefit the country, but they may not. That being said, it's the cronies around him that will **** up the nation.

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I'm waiting to see what happens with his foreign policy - whether he gets along with Putin, or has a hissy fit and gets his ego hurt by Putin. I'm very interested in what Trump might do in Syria.


His immigration policy was a bit whacky, he bans people from Iran but not from Saudi Arabia. It isn't consistent considering that the 9/11 hijackers nearly all came from Saudi Arabia. As for Iran, I've had this conversation with my mum and my brother. My brother told my mum that he'd like to visit Iran, perhaps for a honey moon later this year. My mum warned him that Iran was a dangerous country ... hahaha, not so! Iran has its own whacky views on religion but it's no-where as bad as Saudi Arabia. Certainly, Shia militants (funded by Iran) might kill the odd US soldier here-and-there but overall they kill the Sunni terrorists from ISIS and Nusra. I guess the US foreign policy people love to blame Iran for everything. The US Department of State has apparently* put travel warnings on Iran before, basically to reduce tourism it seems.


*I think it was my brother who said this


But I am pretty sure you Kiwis and the others don't give a **** about him.


New Zealand seems biased to the left wing, especially because our political system (MMP) allows the Green Party to have seats in Parliament. Even so you can find luke-warm Trump supporters on the internet, in the comments section of the Stuff news website** (I give several quotes from that comments section in this post, there's the source link** if you want it).


It seems that many Kiwis are willing to give Trump the benefit of the doubt because they're sick of the media constantly going after him. Some New Zealanders are indifferent - it isn't a matter of caring. Trump is on TV and on Radio New Zealand every second day, no-one here can escape hearing about Trump so most Kiwis could talk about Trump but perhaps not very passionately. It isn't our country but yeah Trump is taking over our 6 O'clock news and radio programme coverage.


The same media crowd and general critics who are still in shock at Trump being elected will be the same lot who won't have anything good to say when he actually gets some stuff done. Like him or not he will be a highly productive president (this comment received +45 votes)


Im hoping for the best...but yes the early signs are not promising...its hard to see Goldman Sachs engineering a fairer society (this comment received +58 votes)



I think that Trump has made some very good points in his speech here. There is growing discontent in many western nations about our wealth going to foreign countries while we are getting poorer at home. I'm glad that he's going to try to do something about it now before it becomes worse in the future.
It's a shame that NZ media vilifies Trump. Instead of just reporting the facts, they also put a spin on it and tell us how to think (this comment received +94 votes)


I'm sick of the NZ media taking such an anti-Trump stance. There are many Kiwi's who prefer Trump over Clinton any day of the week and would also prefer our media wasn't doing their best to alienate and insult the most powerful leader on Earth. We may well have to do some business with the Don in the near future. There is a chance he will do a lot of good for America so don't make all of us eat YOUR words (this comment received +63 votes)


This article is nonsense, I watched his speech, and can only conclude either you watched something else, or it only appears 'dark' because of the tint on the lenses you were watching it through (this comment received +89 votes)


The election is over and Trump won, so deal with it (this comment received +78 votes)


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