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Reverting censorship YR patch 1.001?

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I have the First Decade version of the games, and it's the one I use most often. I have the bundle pack on cd somewhere if needed.

In version 1.001, Operation: Hollywood and Vain, the voice sets of Flint Westwood, Sammy Stallion and Arnnie Frankenfurter have been changed to that of a standard GI, with their names being changed to more generic ones.

Basically, I was wondering if any of the unofficial patches revert these back to the original or if anyone would be interested in making such a patch. It seems a bit odd to remove the main source of humor from those missions.


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7 hours ago, Prisoner416 said:

if anyone would be interested in making such a patch.

Fixing this for a modder with the right tools is super easy. In fact, it is too easy. No modder would waste their time (all 60 seconds of it) making a patch that only fixes this one thing.

Additionally, the "patch" would require a new csf file to rename the units. This is problematic since it would infringe on any other mod that also uses a modified csf file. Since modders, by definition, make mods, making a patch that interferes with mods is like shooting themselves in the foot.

A fix for this is likely included in many mods or patches as a very (very) tiny side bonus, but you will probably be hard-pressed finding a patch that only does this.

Even if I were to make a patch for this, I would be overcome with the temptation to sneak in extra changes like fixing all of the Gattling misspellings.

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Well, I was curious if there was a compilation patch like for the other games.


I always had a hell of a time getting LaunchBase to work properly, so I was hoping there might be a simple repair program that includes the fix.

I'll do some poking around, because if I recall, there was a way to apply it to first decade without launchpad.

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