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New Article: The Technological "Cousins" of C&C

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While we aim to cover all things Command & Conquer, we often forget that they had two "cousin" series: Dune and The Battle for Middle-earth. In this new CNCNZ.com article, I look at each of the games in both series individually, first giving the basic information on them and core gameplay points, after which I give my subjective view on them. I've also shared links to their official and fan-made patches, as well as multiplayer servers where you can play them. Click here to see the article.

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Excellent article, it was a good read. Unfortunately I never got around to playing BFME II although I greatly enjoyed the first one. I also did not know the Ordos canonically won in Dune 2000.

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Good read, but I've got two nitpicks for the BFME1 entry:

1: BFME1 was not slightly expanded with book content - in fact, during development, EA had to constantly make sure that everything they did was based on the films rather than the books, because they did not have a book license. Fun fact: for BFME2, when the book license had been acquired, they had to make sure everything they did was based solely on the Lord of the Rings (rather than The Hobbit or other works), resulting in the main dragon being called Drogoth rather than Smaug and a map that was supposed to be Laketown renamed to Celduin River.  

2: Each faction did not necessarily have one of each unit. Rohan did not technically have a pikeman unit (though sword-wielding Elves were eventually made strong vs. cavalry) and Mordor did not have a cavalry unit. They had Mountain Trolls, which in some ways were similar (ie. they trampled enemy units) but were much slower and had different strengths (siege and splash damage), and different weaknesses (arrows rather than pikes).

Edited by Mathijs

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Oh hi Mathijs, glad to finally see you here! :)

Good points, corrected the BFME1 part.

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