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Version 1.0 and Saved Games Announced For Ares

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Despite being in perpetual development and currently in the hands of only one person, the talented AlexB, the Ares DLL (fan-made extension which expands the code of Yuri's Revenge for modders to play with) has proven to be quite stable in recent times. Following the recent 0.E release, AlexB discovered that the game's version numbering is in the pentadecimal system instead of the hexadecimal one, so instead of developing a 0.F release, he will go with the full 1.0 version. This would mean that the DLL will exit its "preview" stage, so he announced to tackle the sole issue that prevented him from doing so earlier - saved games. You read it right, Ares-powered mods can now look forward to saving and loading games! Early builds are already underway and testers (not regular players) are asked to test early and often. Click here to read the full thread.

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Hmm, I thought it was ducentahexaquinquagesimal. Though I suppose they might have run out of ideas for new things to add sometime around versions 0.▓ to 0.╢, if not even before 0.⌂.

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It's been too long to finally make it happen for saving games under the Ares system.

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