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Renegade-X Patch 5.31 Released

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After quite a long time without an official release, Totem Arts released the 5.31 patch for Renegade-X. This patch adds the team commander mechanic, restores the old Field map and removes Valley and Glasses, updates the radio/vote menu, makes numerous balance changes, improves performance of the 64-bit client executable, adds a scope to the Laser Rifle, adds classic vehicles, and much more. Click here to read the full changelog, and here to download the game if you haven't already.

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35 minutes ago, Plokite_Wolf said:

removes Valley and Glasses

Hmm, it just says by popular demand. Anyone know what these popular demands entailed? I am generally against the removal of content, so I am curious about the reasons behind it (haven't played Ren-X myself for a while, so I don't really remember them).

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W3D Hub also removes and restores maps in APB and TSR all the time. Some maps are just broken, so they take them out until they're fixed.

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