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Does anyone here invest in Kane Coins?

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Investing in Kane Coin is not a wise move for faithless investors, as it is intended for those loyal to the messiah. In zones with a low tiberium density due to over harvesting, it might be useful as an alternate war fund though.

11 minutes ago, Egozi44 said:

is more valuable than gold and even diamonds!

Kane Coins are everlasting and so are incomparable to gold or diamonds; which is worth more, a hard chunk of rock or true dedication to the Brotherhood?

14 minutes ago, Egozi44 said:

1 Kane Coins is enough to buy a decent Mammoth Tank in America.

Placing value on a Kane Coin is pretty irreverent. It is obviously more valuable than any GDI units, even 100,000,000 Mammoths are worth about 0.0002% of one good Black Hand.

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Ha, ha! April Fools! :P

I cannot believe you copycatted by statement on Bitcoin, Egozi. If Kane coin does exist, I'll invest in them.

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Yea, couldn't resist doing it, because both topics were the same :3

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