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Do FPS games still need a singleplayer campaign?

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Article: https://www.pcgamer.com/do-fps-games-still-need-a-singleplayer-campaign

To the people who said no, **** them. There are still players today that would prefer playing solo instead of unlimited multiplayer action. As long as a SP campaign has a story, a cinematic experience and great gameplay, I am okay with it. I believe Indies will make the most of them instead of the so-called professional major developers (like EA and Activision) which are trying to move away from single-player.  Multiplayer games today are pretty much getting to be a cliche because they're only fun for a limited time before going for something else instead, rather than waiting for a long time for new material to kick in, and replays do get tedious over time.

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FPS without singleplayer is limiting the genre to a limited scope. That is not how to move the gaming medium forward. Are there games in the genre that don't need singleplayer? Absolutely! Some games just aren't made for a solo experience. Trying to claim that all games in a specific genre don't need X feature is ridiculously shortsighted. Bioshock, Metro 2033, Wolfenstein, Doom (new and old) would not be better MP only experiences. These games prove that a great SP experience still resonates with players.

While I enjoy some Call of Duty MP, that's about all the online I need. I still get and play many titles just for SP. Like Bioshock. Metro. Wolfenstein. And many others. Removing SP from this juggernaut of a gaming genre would be a massive detriment. The FPS, and first person games in general, are some of the best vessels for experiencing a narrative.

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Not mentioned that the MP of most games is dead after a couple of months, and the severs get shut down at one point.

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