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Making NOD Militants use both hands when attacking

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I want to make the militants use both hands when they fire, instead of just one.
I tried to use GDI riflemen animations on Nod militants, and while everything works, the muzzle flash when they're shooting is a little bit off.
I understand that the riflemen have the muzzleflash animated on its own while militants just have it follow the gun. Hence mixing them results in something like this.

cnc3ep1 2017-09-25 09-18-29-04.jpg
Any help, please?

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1 minute ago, Nmenth said:

Yeah, still couldn't figure this one out for months and I don't know where else to ask :( any advice would help. I'm sorry for making another topic about it.

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If using other unit bones won't work or telling the xml to use other RM squad bone for the fx don't help, then the only way will be to add new bone that hopefully won't break anything.

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