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Will compiling a mod with the C&C3 Mod SDK be faster if I use a SSD?

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Just asking. I am just wondering if anyone has done this on an SSD (solid state drive) even with a fast CPU. The C&C3 Mod SDK compiler I am talking about refers to Bibber's Modified RA3 Mod Buildstudio.

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I never tried it with SSD but I believe it will,

with SSD most of the things that runs on your OS (in case you install it on the SSD ofc) should work Wayyy more faster, while other factors like CPU and your OS state are still taken into account, I believe you will probably see some difference

(though don't catch my word as I never tried it myself xP, I just saw SSD in action with similar things and the difference were outstanding)

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It will be faster in reading/writing files from/to disk. Processing the files doesn't depend on the disk.

I tested with Upheaval (I know, it is RA3, not C&C3) on SSD as there are many files to compile. A complete fresh compile (cache not present yet) took 3 minutes. A recompile (with use of compiler cache) took 18 seconds (10 seconds the pure BAB actions).

I don't know how much faster it is compared to HDD.

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