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Which canceled game do you wish got released?

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Another PC Gamer Q&A, and it's an interesting one.

Well I think it should have been Tiberium and Generals 2, but fuck EA for lack of innovation, creativity, management and public relations.

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Games over all? Who knows.

Within the C&C series, I'd go for Renegade 2. Tiberium and Generals 2 got exactly what they deserved, if only Tiberian Twilight had met the same fate...

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Westwood's C&C3, Renegade 2(for being better sequel for Yuri Revenge than iOS' Red Alert cuz it explains Tiberian Universe as paradox that allies create during time travel in Yuri Revenge), and Tiberium(better than C&C 4 for those that stick with EA's C&C3 canon)

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