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Which game series should take a break?

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Another interesting Q&A of the week by PC Gamer.

Well that's easy for me.... Call of Duty, Battlefield and Assassin's Creed really deserve a big break. If you can't come up with anything new none other than the same old thing and only including loot boxes and battle royale, don't release a new game. FarCry and Halo also needs a break too.

On the console side, Pokemon and Mario.... since YugiOh and Zelda needs more games in their series. 

But the one game that should really need to take a break is Fortnite. I don't see where the millions of dollars of profits will Epic Games take to and more people are leaving the game, which is somewhat a sign to which many other people wanted Epic Games to focus on something else instead of only one game.

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On the console side, ... Mario.

No way. Mario is too awesome to stop and there is a lot to be done with it.

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