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Tiberium Spike, Mutant Hovel in WrathEd

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Where can I find and how can I change the stats for Tiberium Spikes or Mutant Hovels in WrathEd?

I found them in data\worldbuilder but when I do it that way... create the folder, you know... ModName/Data/Worldbuilder/TiberiumSpike.xml do some changes and then in the Worldbuilder.xml add <Include type="all" source="Worldbuilder/TiberiumSpike.xml" /> 
Nothing changes in-game
I also tried including it into static... ModName/Data/Static/TiberiumSpike.xml and in Static.xml add <Include type="all" source="Static/TiberiumSpike.xml" /> 
But still no changes in-game

So what should I do if I want to change the stats, let's say increase/decrease HP or disable team colors or anything with these buildings... ?

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The issue here is that stuff that resides inside the worldbuilder stream is baked into every map.

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You're supposed to use the actual KW XMLs (which you can get here), then replace all xi:include dependencies with data that the files mentioned in those dependencies hold.

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The WB and Static sections are separated, when you change things in WB it will only effect custom maps, in order for things to take effect in the official maps you will need to extract them yourself, add the objectes you edited to the map's folder and include them in the override xml, after that you need to mod the map, lastly you will need to make a map big file for them and tell your mod to read it, or just add them manually to your mod's big file


Here most maps if you want them uncompiled:


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