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It's been almost 20 years since the last official server went offline...

          Sole Survivor Logo
Is back!

Westwood Chat

Ingame Screenshot
Many thanks to Chad1233 and N3tRunn3r for the screenshots!

We (OmniBlade, CCHyper, tomsons26) are currently in the process of performing a controlled alpha test
with selected players (including some of the original top-ranking Sole Survivor players!).

This has been quite the journey for us to get Sole Survivor back online; Including reaching out to many of the old school Sole Survivor players for feedback and balancing, uncovering an early Sole Survivor beta test build, and also getting the game work on modern systems.

These alpha testing sessions will help us balance the game modes to ensure they are as close to the original servers as possible. Once we are happy with the performance and stability of the server configuration, and we are able to perform player load tests, we will start to explore permanent solutions for hosting full-time servers, allowing us to finally open up the servers to the whole community!

So, make sure to follow this topic to be notified of any updates!

"Welcome to Sole Survivor"

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