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Favorite Units

Which vehicle is better  

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  1. 1.

    • Orca
    • Medium Tank
    • Flame Tank
    • Artillery
    • MRLS

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Name your top 3 vehicles and infantry in renegade:

mine are:




<3>Medium Tank





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Guest Rabbit

1.Flame Tank


3.Good ol' Medium tank (cause it's reliable)



Same three




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I dont have Ren.


but anyway



2-Med Tank

3-Mammy Tank



2-Laser Miniguner

3-CHemical Warrior

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Med Tank


Steath Tank




Steath Blackhand.


Techie is always good for points though. ;)

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Cygnus and Lukus, you didn't vote :cry: :cry: :cry: :cry: :cry:

I'm very dissapointed :hmm::hmm::hmm::hmm:

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The GDI Medium Tank is the best overall tank the game, however if your Nod the Stealth Tanks are very good if used correctly.


Stealth Tanks should always hunt in packs and pick their spots to attack. If the enemy knows your there they will probably take you out quickly, but if you catch them in a surprise attack with your Stealth Tank you will have the avantage.

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I always find a few dozen Orca's usfull, bye bye enemy construction yard :D

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Stanks are very deadly in the hands of a strategist, but not much more useful than a buggy in the hands of the inexperinced.

{1}Stealth Tank

{2}Apachie Attack Chopper

{3}Flame Tank

(voted 4 Flame Tank cuz no Stank option)


{1}Templar (if it counts)

{2}Stealth Black Hand

{3}Black Hand Soldier (The Sniper)



{2}Sniper Rifle

{3}Tiberium Flechette Gun

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Long time, Warmatt16, you disappeared suddenly... And now you're the admin of 3 or 4 forums at one time!? Now THAT'S what I call a BIG ENTRANCE!!!!!


Ok, back to topic.



1. Orca

2. Flame Tank (Love roastin' everything!)

3. Mobile Artillery (Good for long - range heavy fire support)



1. Stealth Black Hand (I love bangin' with a Personal Ion Cannon with this bad boy!)

2. Dr. Mobieus or Mendoza (Effective against anything that's stealth, the shock bolts, though not comepletely reavealing the bastard, the guy's suit becomes covered with shocks.)

3. Chem Trooper (Good for anti-engineer defense in buildings, close-range anti-stealth, suicide attacks cause' these buggers explode in a deadly green blast!)



1. Shock Rifle (Effective against infantry, light vehicles, stealth lovers, decent against normal vehicles, aircraft, useless against buildings, heavy vehicles e.g. Mammoth Tank)

2. Chemical Rifle (Close-quarters killer)

3. Personal Ion Cannon (like the BFG in Quake 3, but with no splash damage. Good for threatening opponents...)

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Guest MadBadger

Things to run people over in


#1 STEALTH TANK PWNAGE now you see me... nope you dont cos you dead





things to drive things to run people over in


#1 Stealth black hand errr nuke beacon in a warfactory anyone?

#2 rocket man hehehe love rocket sniping mammys

#3 flamer dude Pwnage against enemy buildings thingy that kills building quick.

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1: Orca; of course!

2: M Artillary is excellent - outrange base defenses.

3: Recon Bike - get it going fast, and if you can control it, even the AGT's guided missile gives up on you.







1: Havoc

2: Black Hand Heavy Soldier

3: Hotwire/Technician ( If friendly fire is off, then i can pimp your ride with prox charges... )





1: The Rail Gun -- altought it is rivaling in damage and reload time to the Personal Ion Cannon, it's good for sniping vehicles and infantry (A true sniper like me doesn't need the scope, so it's just as good.), but unlike the personal Ion Cannon, it isn't obvious where the shot came from. Good for stealth.



2: Personal Ion Cannon --- Not as stealthy as the silent and deadly rail gun, but improved damage. A true sniper needs no scope. So blast vehicles out of the blue, and headshot any infantry that gets too close.



3: The shotgun. ---- Cheap, and underestimated. It is, of course, free, so when money is an issue, use it. When the enemy is being attacked by more advanced infantry, he sees the shotgun troop as laughable. A few shots when he's done with this will kill him. And here is where my strategy comes in! Foolishly, he lets you get in range. And in one or two decently aimed shots, he takes every piece of shot, and it will certainly kill him. One headshot with the SG will eliminate anyone. Not too good, but remember, being a non-advanced weapon, it is FREE!

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i have a problem with orcas is that they have very weak armor and snipers are killers. if you;re really high up and blow up, you fall alll the way down. airfights aka orca vs apache is all about who is higher up and using the machine gun.


stank is deadly in pack and very effectice. med tank is good. flame tanks is very good against building and earning money, and also great counter to mammoth tank, as long as you charge straight at him. it has 400 armor and health.


ramjet is good, i'm fairy good, jsut do not use scope unless ur enemy is a sitting duck


second is volt auto, and flechette.

flamethrower is very veyr good for earning money in maps with no defences. just rush in and flame the building on the outside and ur money will go up fast. good tactic for early money.


now i;m off to play more renegade

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Stealth Tank (I love ambushes)

Med Tank (I use this the most often on GDI, I'm good with it & she's my reliable baby)

Flame Tank (who doesn't love roasting things?)



Stealth Black Hand (What can I say. I'm an ambush predator. :P )

Patch (Infantry/SBH hunter.)

hmm... 3rd favorite... eh, Flamethrower (FIRE!!! WHAHAHAHA!!!!!)



Laser Chain Gun (Rapid rate of fire, good vs anything)

Tiberium Flechette gun (Tiberium r kewl)

500 credit sniper rifle [noobjets are just that: noobish. Sniping takes skill, go for the head. Running & jumping around at point blank range is not sniping]



C4-ing unsuspecting GDI vehicles with an SBH (So much fun to do that to a camping MLRS, & if they don't see you plant the c4, waiting & watching as it blows up & they scream H4X!!)

Hunting enemy SBHs with my own SBH [on servers where both teams get SBHs. Like the old MP Crazy CTF server. Nothing better to hunt an invisible person than another invisible person.]

Stealth tanks, what else can I say? :twisted:

Sniping, especially techs & engies. (& unsuspecting snipers. I love being a counter sniper.)

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you say 500 snipers are better but why are they the ones getting killed.


I use ramjets, and its effective cause killing common infantry only takes 1 hit. If your aiming for the head iwth a 500 sniper, ur probably using a scope, and you dont want to do that. Using a scope leaves you vulnerable to everyelse going on around you. I love killing people who are scoping and they dont even see me.


Sure go counter snipe me when i;m jumping around scopeless. the fact that i get plenty of headshots shows that its not so noobish. you jump and shoot, better chance of hitting the head and making it harder to get hit by enemy snipers.


why dont you go try a havoc vs sakura close range? if ur good, you should be able to win. you cant use scope or else ur instantly dead. good players get headshots at medium range without scope, and at close range, even more.


and btw, c4ing enemy vehicles with a sbh is very dumb. not only do you give urself away, good players never miss you. i would notice if some1 placed a c4 on me. better to ignore the vehicle and sneak around. if you have a sniper rifle on AOW maps, all teh better, but or else sneak around and plant that nuke

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why dont you go try a havoc vs sakura close range?


It's quite lame, I hate it, & it is not real sniping. Real sniping happens at a distance with the scope. There should be nothing 'going on around you' because you should not be in the middle of the action. The target/victim shouldn't een know where the sniper is. You don't see U.S. [or any] special forces snipers running into an enemy held building & jump back & forth while shooting. It is a slow process that takes patience.


snip·er n.


1. A skilled military shooter detailed to spot and pick off enemy soldiers from a concealed place.

2. One who shoots at other people from a concealed place.


The traditional definition of a sniper is an infantry soldier especially skilled in field craft and marksmanship, who kills selected enemies from concealment with a rifle at long distances. Typically and ideally, a proficient sniper approaches an enemy unaware of his presence, uses a single bullet per target, and withdraws without being seen.


snip·er (n.)

2) A member of a FPS team who uses a Rifle usually equiped with a Telescopic sight and picks off targets. They come in 2 varieties Newbs and Pro. Newbs tend to use it and shoot anyone and then brag about being 1337 and say i sniped 59 people on Halo today. A pro sniper waits for that 1 shot, be it a Mger who has hassled the time or a enemy sniper. He doesnt galavant after kills he is there to make sure his team survive. Like a true sniper he doesnt brag, or claim to be uber 1337, he just does his job and carries on.


Also it is easier to trace where a ramjet round came from because of the bright blue streak.



Good SBH don't get seen.

When you're c4ing vehicles you don't carry a nuke in case you die. I'm talking the specific purpose of c4ing vehicles, not c4ing one on the way to nuke a building. Besides if you were going to nuke a building you'll need that c4 to plant next to the beacon to take out techs & engies. Field work only.

When half of GDI is camped outside your base you'd be surprised how many people don't notice a SBH c4ing the rear of their vehicle. [if they're dumb enough to not have techs or engineers repairing who can easily see you.]

Now if you have an SBH with a sniper rifle then yes you ignore the vehicles so there is less of a chance of them killing you.

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and now ur quoting definitions of sniper... :roll:

havent you realized Renegade is unique among the fps games cause its C&C Mode and more Building/Vehicle Oriented.


the main point of a sniper is to kill enemy guys, not adhere to the guidelines of what a sniper should do. unorthodox methods have always flourished in renegade. are helos supposed to squash guys? yet thats an efficient way to kill guys. do you blow up the wreckage of your vehicle to make sure the enemy doesnt take them? most players do.


in fact, it is the "noobs" who use scope sniping, cause anyone can crouch, scope and move the crosshairs to the head.


it takes more skill in trying to headshot ur guy at close range while jumping up and down. thats what u do in havoc vs sakura. aim for the head, and get him/her in 1 shot.


ramjets have a tracer that gives away position, but if you kill them on the first shot, they cant do anything about it. if you miss, they know where u are and run for cover. thats why u cant miss and have to make it a 1 shot kill no matter what the guy is. even with the tracer, u have to move around with ramjets so the tracer doesnt give away ur exact position.


When you're c4ing vehicles you don't carry a nuke in case you die. I'm talking the specific purpose of c4ing vehicles, not c4ing one on the way to nuke a building. When half of GDI is camped outside your base you'd be surprised how many people don't notice a SBH c4ing the rear of their vehicle. [if they're dumb enough to not have techs or engineers repairing who can easily see you.


who the hell gets a sbh for the purpose of C4ing vehicles????

you get sbh to nuke, steal vehicles or shoot guys by sneaking up on them. wasting 450 on a sbh just to plant that timed c4 is an utter waste and better used on an mobile artillery. you wanna blow vehicles up, go buy a laser chain. and people do notice when they get C4s on them. I was playing C&C complex, and i has nuked a building as sbh. i was returning to base, and 3 mlrs and 2 med tanks were shelling. Since I was behind them, i decided to plant c4. they saw me, and killed me.

and besides, if "half of GDI" is camped, they always have engies or hotwires repairing and they would notice if an sbh unstealthed.



I have 1 question to ask. how often do you play Renegade? You dont seem to be answering things through practicality and experience. If you actually do those things you say to do online, then you are a noob.


now i;m off to play some more renegade, i have a score to settle with this guy on black-cell AOW servers. :wink: (at sonic), i never see you on sonic, i wanna play you more....only got to play you once....

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Jelly, Nonoobs, UN & Blackcell servers are noob servers eh?


Look, you're strategy works for you, mine works for me. I'll not argue about it.

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no wonder.

i usually stick to UNRULES, [MP], Black-Cell and a few other servers.

and occasionally a few other servers.


jelly, nonoobs are always the packed ones...filled up...so many people join including the bad ones :wink:


black cell is my favorite right now, cause it has lotta features like locking, binding vehicles, and action taunts like saluting. [MP]servers have the best map rotations and the mission servers are fun when theres several people.


i'd rather not argue too. since we frequent differerent severs with different people, different strategies can work. i'll love to play you online though. whats ur WOL nickname? or do u use gspy? i'll be playing more renegade tonight. if u have AIM, go online and IM me. though i be available in 4 hours.....like 9:00

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Okay, sniper arguement is getting old. Let's pick apart my post now. Shotguns, Railguns, and Ion Cannons. MMmmm.




I will say this again -- a decent sniper has no use for a scope in multiplayer. And the Railgun packs such a punch, too... it's just... better.

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Oh too bad, I just finished playing a few minutes ago. Well my nicks are in my signature. Jelly wasn't so good today.. I mostly hang out on WOL. I like the features & the commander system of Black-cell & the crazy crates... like the nuke crate :rofl:

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