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9/11 - 5 Years On

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-Plenty of terrorists aren't Muslim. Just because you happen to not know of any group other than Al Qaeda doesn't mean they don't exist.
Well, there is also the gigantic list of OTHER Muslim terrorist groups. I've heard of...

Abu Sayyaf, Egyptian Islamic Jihad, Hamas, Al-Aqsa Martyrs' Brigades, Asbat al-Ansar, al-Zarqawi's Sunni network, Hezbollah, Islamic Movement of Central Asia, Moroccan Islamic Combatant Group, Hizbul Mujahideen, Muslim Brotherhood, Palestinian Islamic Jihad, and Al-Barakaat.... just to name a few.

You'd be hard pressed to find anything near the volume of terrorists represented in any other kind of political or religious movement. Bottom line: The common denominator in the VAST majority of modern terrorism is Islam. I'm not saying this as a blanket anti-Muslim statement, but as a simple analysis of harsh reality. Draw what conclusions you will.


Terrorism is, and has been, a very real threat in many parts of the world for a long time. Contrary to what some like to spout, it didn't begin on 9/11.
For the record, I've never been stupid enough to believe this, if that's what you're implying.


Terrorism can take many forms, from single disillusioned individuals, such as Timothy McVeigh, to paramilitary social groups like Hizbollah and Hamas, to the Basque Separtists, to Asian groups (released sarin on a Japanese subway train in 1995), to the one we hear of most often now, Al Qaeda. All terrorists are not Muslim. All Muslims are not terrorists. The facts, should you listen to them, simply overwhelm any blustering on your part.
Blustering? I don't think so. I agree that there are obviously other groups out there who can technically be classed as "terrorists", but again, these semantics are not my point. I will yield to you (because of the constructive thoughtfulness of your post) that I'm technically inaccurate. HOWEVER, you can NOT deny the fact that the overwhelming majority of terrorism in the world has been committed BY Muslims and FOR reasons pertaining to the advancement of Islam and the destruction of the west. If you step back from the myopic and silly debate over the definition of terrorism, you'll see that the REALITY is that violent Islam is one of, if not THE most destructive force in the world today. That's my point here, and I think that you do see that.


When in doubt, whether it's in an informal debate here or in a policymaker position, get the facts, and understand them before speaking. Maybe that's a new trick for you, and many others, to try.
Don't talk down to me. I can't stand condescension, especially if it's as unwarranted as it is here.


A note of the original point of the thread: I, too, would like to offer my condolences to those adversely affected by 9/11 and our and their subsequent actions. How much could have been saved if only a few more had a grasp of reality.
What exactly do you mean by this? Is this code for "the Iraq war was a bad idea"? Feel free to say what you want to say. You're taking a tone that indicates a sort of moral equivalency between us and them, and that really rubs me the wrong way, especially if it's masked in a comment that is supposed to honor the memories of the thousands murdered on 9/11.


Ah, you're always such a pleasure. Brilliant contribution there. Read above.


And this thread is not what it is. I believe your adding to the political discussion too, so we're all guilty as charged for "disgracing" the thread.
I started by responding to a political cheap shot that was tastelessly thrown in here. Everything I've done has been reaction. Oh, and I really loved this gem of a sentence: "I think you like to think somethings are what they aren't." Brilliant. Well said. Where are you now, at a sixth grade level? Why, you're almost a lady! Seriously though, insults don't work when you can't even convey them well.


Bware you can never admit you're wrong, or said something wrong or anything! You're an old man Republican that will never change views on things and thats horrible! Ignorance is a tool of the devil.
Listen kid, you are really starting to get on my nerves. "Old man republican?" Once again you're using a stereotype as a mental crutch. It IS easier, I'll grant you that, but it's often embarrassingly inaccurate. I can't stand current Republican leadership. They're driving me nuts, and I absolutely do NOT call myself a Republican. I think that they're the lesser of two evils when you consider the Democrats, but I'm definitely no fan. I'm a conservative. Get that through your head.


Plus, as I've said, I can absolultely admit that I'm wrong. How many times do I need to go over this? Remember, if you're so obsessed with getting me to "admit that I'm wrong", then first you have PROVE that I'm wrong. I'll readily admit it. Blpaws here pointed out a problem with my use of a definition, and I admitted the technical inaccuracy. He was a bit of a jerk in doing so, but he was right, and the post was mostly thoughtful. Your posts are largely "OMG u nevar admit ur wrong! ****ing get ovr it!1" or something to that effect. Listen kid- do us a favor and either learn to communicate like an adult, or keep it to yourself.


Sheesh. This is really a very childish thing to be obsessed with, but then again, I guess I have to realize what I'm dealing with...

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maybe this thread should be split because its obvious an argument is brewing but i dont think it should be continued in this such thread.

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There's always the other option.

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