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TibEd 1.64 released

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I've released TibEd 1.64. You can find it on the download page on TibEd.net: http://www.tibed.net/downloads.

By default, all editor modules are included in the download (you can now get all TibEd 1.x stuff with 3 downloads: TibEd 1.64, the Voxel/HVA editor plugins and the RA1 sound addon).


What's new (version 1.64):

  • Complete rewrite of the C&C: Tiberian Dawn editor: new units and buildings, warheads and extra settings. Also, German and French language versions of the game are now supported
  • The First Decade editions of C&C: Tiberian Dawn and Red Alert 1 can be launched from TibEd without receiving an "Insert original disc" error.
  • Significant speedup in cameo loading for C&C: Tiberian Dawn.
  • Sorting of unit/infantry/building lists is now saved across TibEd sessions.
  • You can now press Enter in the editor list at TibEd startup to select an editor, instead of having to use the mouse.
  • Improved Vista compatibility

What's new (version 1.63):

  • Minor user interface update for Windows Vista
  • BUGFIX: General section of Rules.ini for Yuri's Revenge can now be edited with the manual editor

What's new (version 1.62):

  • French translation by BLKnight
  • support for UPHPS updater
  • updated VB6 runtimes to service pack 6

What's new (version 1.61):

  • support for The First Decade
  • Updated to work under Windows XP limited user accounts. Note that you still need Administrator rights to install TibEd. Also, Administrator needs to hand out write access to the folder of the game you are editing when saving changes to the game.

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You're going to be able to do quite some more updating of TibEd 1... I found the weapons in C&C95 :D


Well, along with the music list, overlay, trees, more warhead options.... plenty of stuff to go around :)



(PS: disassembling is fun ;) )

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Oh boy, more work for me. Today isn't the best day to add stuff to my plate. I've noticed that there were many other sections which follow (more or less) the 'system' that the units/infantry/buildings follow. So I guess you have found them there? Or is this more like the Ion Cannon damage (a random position in the EXE?).

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nope, all neat complete structures :)

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