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Guest Anti-Marine

Create A General :)

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Guest Spartan-117²

my general would be:

The USA Assault General

Special units: M1 Abrams, Assault Humvee, Heavy Sniper, Assault Crusader, Assault Avenger, Heavy Anti Armor, Support Gunner, Heavy Raptor, B1 Bomber(replace aurora), A-10 Warthog


Special Promo

Level 1 - Basic stuff

Level 3 - Assault level 1,2,3, tank drop, Heavy A-10 Strike(5 A10s + basic stuff

Level 5 - Full Assault, Air Raid, Tank drop (5 tanks), Tactical Bomb Drop(Fuel air bomb x2 with MOAB upgrade avaiable, Off Shore artillery


Name - General Swartzkoph (I seriously dont know where it came from)


Cheap much? lol

Make a general for any faction

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Mine would be GLA Terrorist Leader!


Special units: Rebel that has all the abilities Jarmen Kell has and Basically all units are extremely deadly and have extra abilities. Dual SCUD launcher would be also cool and then new levels for upgrades, like Anthrax Delta would be deadly. oh, and a Mobile Command Center.


Special Promo


Level 1 - Terrorist Suicide Plane Attack (basically calls a big plane to crash into a building)

Level 3 - Terrorist Spawn (spawns bomb trucks and terrorists), Cash Bounty but with much more money and some basic stuff

Level 5 - Anthraz missile, Corruption (Converts enemies to your side from a certain radius) and a Super Terrorist Suicide Plane Attack (contains like 10 planes that have been rigged with explosives and Anthrax).


Name - Unknown


General Swartzkoph (I seriously dont know where it came from)
In ZH Reborn there's a USA Assault General who is Swartzkoph...

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Pff.... don't make stuff too overpowered..


China Fire General

- Tanks use fire shells

- Red Guards carry flame throwers (smaller range, more damage)

- Black Napalm upgrade comes standard

- Upgrade for White Napalm (+50% damage)

- Inferno Bomber replaces Carpet Bomber, meaning fire damage afterwards.

- Napalm Strike available, essentially a fire strike (three firestorms) executed by three elite bombers (5 star generals ability). This benefits from the White Napalm ability btw.

- Dragon Tank has more armor and is resistant to EMP.

- EMP gens ability not available

- Bunker not available (also unavailable to Helix)

- Flametower available

- Fireproof upgrade available, protects everyone from fire attacks

- Heat round upgrade available, +15% damage for bullet attacks, chances that the target will catch fire

- Uranium shells and Nuclear Tanks upgrade not available

- Nuke Cannon unavailable, of course along with the Neutron upgrade

- Fuel air bomb upgrade available for MiG's at the missile silo. After research, it can be individually equipped when docked at the airport. It changes the MiG into a bomber (no longer can fire on aircraft), but does much more damage on impact.

- Nuke Missile Silo replaced by Firestorm Missile Silo, creates a huge cluster missile with multiple firestorms throughout the area.

- Dragon Lord Tank replaces Overlord. Comes with twin flame throwers to decimate anything in seconds and a large napalm cannon on top.

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Pff.... don't make stuff too overpowered..


I forgot to mention that my Hero unit will not be Jarmen Kell, it will be...yes I know youre getting tired of this, but I don't care...SAMUEL L. JACKSON!! He can kill snakes and sentry drones with his special Laser-gun. Also he can clone himself and fly short distances in a plane full of snakes. (like the Call For Transport in CnC3)

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Samuel will also have the ability to instakill any enemy hero unit by saying:

"And I will strike down upon thee with great vengeance and furious anger to those who attempt to poison and destroy my brothers. And you will know my name is the lord when i lay my vengeance upon thee!"

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Guest Spartan-117²

i got a new general


The Heavy Assault general

Special units - Heavy everything (basically every special unit from my first general but in a heavy version



1 star - A-10 Strike 1, Attack Spy Drone

3 star - A-10 Assault strike (6-8 planes), Assault 1, and more from first general

5 star - Assault level 2, Triple MOAB, heavy airstrike, artillery strike, aircraft carrier support too

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I have another general too! Sentry Drone General!

Starts with Sentry Drone Command Bunker and uses a normal sentry drone to build buildings.

He uses only Sentry drones with different weapons like Nuclear radiation spray and Emp Rockets. also a Sentry Drone version of Samuel L. Jackson is available.




Level 1 - Gives acces to Suicide Sentry Drone

Level 2 - Sentry Drone Ambush levels 1-3, Super sentry drone repair

Level 3 - Orbital Magic Beam (converts all enemy units to sentry drones)

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I have another general too! Sentry Drone General!

Starts with Sentry Drone Command Bunker and uses a normal sentry drone to build buildings.

He uses only Sentry drones with different weapons like Nuclear radiation spray and Emp Rockets. also a Sentry Drone version of Samuel L. Jackson is available.




Level 1 - Gives acces to Suicide Sentry Drone

Level 2 - Sentry Drone Ambush levels 1-3, Super sentry drone repair

Level 3 - Orbital Magic Beam (converts all enemy units to sentry drones)


your friggin name should be sentry drone :)

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Guest Spartan-117²
I have another general too! Sentry Drone General!

Starts with Sentry Drone Command Bunker and uses a normal sentry drone to build buildings.

He uses only Sentry drones with different weapons like Nuclear radiation spray and Emp Rockets. also a Sentry Drone version of Samuel L. Jackson is available.




Level 1 - Gives acces to Suicide Sentry Drone

Level 2 - Sentry Drone Ambush levels 1-3, Super sentry drone repair

Level 3 - Orbital Magic Beam (converts all enemy units to sentry drones)



sentry drone general... lol why no Sentry drone assualt like the assault from the assault general


or like heavy sentry drone lol

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I'll name mine John-117, after the Master Chief, of course... He'll be playing U.S....



Special abilites (per rank):


Rank 1

a. Veterans (Makes all infantry veteran-ranked)

b. Supply Drop (Drops healing devices for all infantry and vehicles)


Supply Drop cooldown is 3 minutes.


Rank 3

a. Hell Jumpers (Deploys 8 Drop Pods of SPARTAN - IIIs in a wide arc)

SPARTAN IIIs act as elite commandos. No camouflage, but can switch between 2 weapons: Br 55 Battle Rifle (medium-range, medium damage) or Sniper Rifle (extreme range, large damage vs. infantry)

[named after the Halo 2 level]

b. SPARTAN III Training (Allows the training of SPARTAN - IIIs, costing $850 a pop)

c. House Call (Drops a Humvee filled with 3 Rangers and 2 Missile Defenders, all are ranked Elite)


All rank 3 abilities have a cooldown of 4 minutes. Excluding SPARTAN-III Training, of course.


Rank 5

a. Longsword Strike (Calls in 3 Longsword Fighters to drop bombs on a wide arc, inflicts extreme damage)

b. Cole Protocol (Temporarily grants camouflage to all of your base buildings, lasts 3 minutes)

c. Orbital MAC Strike (Fires extremely powerful MAC Guns in a humongous arc; however, it is also highly erratic and inaccurate)


All rank 5 abilities have a cooldown of 5 minutes, and for Cole Protocol, cooldown starts AFTER 3 minutes of camouflage.


Added Units (by tier)


Tier 1 (Basic):

a. UNSC Marines - Specialized UNSC personnel, armed with Battle Rifles and M9 Shotguns. Highly devastating against infantry. Costs $200.

b. Warthog - Light vehicles. Comes equipped with either a Gattling Gun or a Gauss Cannon. Can carry one passenger. Costs $450. Gauss Cannon upgrade costs $50.

c. ONI Recon Marine - UNSC scout. Equipped with a M99 rifle, they can dispatch light infantry easily, and they have excellent line of sight. They are camouflaged, yet very lightly armored. Costs $240 each.


Tier 2 (Intermediate)

a. UNSC M808B Scorpion - Packs a huge punch with a single 150mm Cannon and a .50 cal. MG. Heavy armor, average speed, can carry 4 passengers. Costs $1000. Replaces Paladin.

b. Pelican VTOL Dropship - Transport aircraft. Has a single .50 cal. MG mount, and can carry up to 8 infantry and 1 vehicle at the same time. Costs $1200.

c. Slayers - Elite snipers. Devastating against infantry, yet has no camouflage. Costs $500.

d. UNSC Rhino - Slower than its Scorpion brethren, it is a massive artillery platform packing a massive punch from long distances. However, it cannot transport infantry, nor use a MG as a complimentary weapon. Costs $1100.


Tier 3 (Advanced/Super)

a. Master Chief Petty Officer John-117 - The hero of mankind. Carries a M6C Assault Rifle, a rocket launcher and dual M7 SMGs. Has extreme amounts of health/armor, quick moving, can sabotage vehicles and destroy buildings. Costs $3500. One at a time only, replacing Colonel Burton.

b. In Amber Clad - Advanced UNSC vessel. Armed with a MAC Gun and 2 Autocannons. Can transport 3 vehicles or 18 infantry. Medium speed and well-armored, but vulnerable against aircraft. Limit of 1 Costs $5000.

c. Longsword C709 Fighter - Backbone of UNSC fleet. Can carry either 2 powerful bombs for bombing runs or 8 air-to-air missiles. Very fast, average armor. Costs $1000 each.

d. Shortsword B-Variant - Bomber version of Longsword Fighter. Packs a bigger punch with 5 bomb payloads, but is slower and has no AA capabilities. Costs $1300 each.


Tier 4 (Code Red)

a. Albatross Heavy Platform - A specialized aircraft, carrying 2 Chainguns and a single Archer Missile Pod. It can carry 2 vehicles or 12 infantry, or become a logistics vehicle, carrying twice the supplies as the Pelican does. Costs $1750.

b. Behemoth Transport - A ground-pounding transport, packing massive armor ratings and an impressive 18 troop capacity. However, it has no defensive weapons. Costs $1200.

c. Hornet VTOL - A quick-attack aircraft, packing 2 Archer missile pods and a 3-barreled MG for anti-infantry purposes. Agile, but has light armor. Costs $800.

d. Skyhawk Assault VTOL - A specialized UNSC gunship, the Skyhawk comes equipped with either 4 50mm Cannons for anti-infantry operations, or a Missile Pod with 6 guided missiles. A lumbering beast, it can be outrun by light vehicles, but it compensates with extended armor capacity. Costs $1300 each.


Superweapon: Ark Portal

Ark Portal renders a large radius around it invulnerable for a certain amount of time; it also decimates a medium radius in the map. Cooldown is 6 minutes, and units exiting radius become vulnerable. Invulnerability lasts 30 sec. Costs $7500. Limit of 2.



a. SPARTAN-III Shielding (increases SPARTAN-III health and armor)

b. Cybernetic Interface (grants bonus to range of infantry and vehicles)

c. SPARTAN Laser (Grants the ability to individually upgrade SPARTAN-IIIs with a powerful SPARTAN Laser, giving them a more powerful punch, replacing the Battle Rifle. It makes them fire more slowly.)

d. Code Red (grants access to new units: The Albatross Heavy Platform, Behemoth Transport, Skyhawk Assault VTOL and Hornet VTOL)

e. Extended Armor (enhances the Skyhawk's armor)

f. Armored Matrix (increases accuracy and rate of fire of most vehicles)


In order to nerf this outfit slightly, certain standard units and abilities ARE to be removed, also for the sake of a slight loyalty to the Halo canon. These are the ff.:


1. Paladin is not available, due to imba issues with Scorpion.

2. A10s are limited to level 2 (being out-of-phase and devastating with the Longswords, respectively).

3. Fuel Air Bomb is not available, as is the MOAB upgrade, which are replaced by the In Amber Clad and Orbital MAC Strike, respectively.

4. Emergency Repairs will not be available, due to conflicting issues with Supply Drop, which is a buffed version.

5. Composite Armor will not affect Scorpion, only the Crusader will be affected.

6. Drones and any drone-based upgrades are not available.

7. Advanced Training will not be available, due to imba issues with Veterans ability.


9. Auroras are not available.

10. Chinooks and Attack Chinooks are not available; instead, supplies are gathered by a Pelican.

11. Tomahawk Missile Launchers are not available.

12. Commanches are not available as well.

13. No Microwave Tanks and Avengers.


Any comments will be acceptable.

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Oh I have a general in mind, General Nancy Allen.




General Allen has a great personal stake in the war on terror, having adopted a September 11 orphan after his parents were killed in the terrorist attacks and been involved in counterterrorism since the Oklahoma bombing. She had been implicated for the torture in Abu Ghraib and while nothing was proven there is no doubt from those who know her that she would commit such an act. Allen bullies the Pentagon for the resources needed to fight the GLA and pushes her forces in the field to establish dominence on the battlefield.


* The Stealth Fighter no longer requires a General's point upgrade. It is available from the start.

* Anti Tank Sniper is added to the list of infantry

* Red Cell is added to the list of infantry

* Combat Chinnok is avalible with called in with the counterterrorist general power


Rank: 4 Star General

Branch: US Marines

Tactics: Counterterrorism




Anti Tank Sniper

These infantry use a Barrett Light Fifty 50. rifle to tear apart enemy armor. However they are slow and vulnerable, with no stealth ability.


Red Cell


These units comprise of a squad of soldiers disguised as the enemy, which can be slipped into a base to sabotage and demolish structures. In combat they are about as effective as the GLA's Angry Mob.


Combat Chinnok


General Granger's Combat Chinook serves as a kind of assault and transport helicopter that can collect supplies. Like the original Chinook, this helicopter collects supplies and can perform the Combat Drop attack with Rangers. The Combat Chinook, however, includes side portals that allow soldiers inside to fire at threats on the ground and in the air. The Combat Chinook can also rush vehicles into the battlefield. It is only avalible as part of the counterterrorist general power.


Other modifications

* All units start as veteran

* Colonel Burton: Cost reduced to $1200 (normally $1500)

* Humvee: Cost reduced to $500 (normally $700)


General's Powers:

Counterterrorist drop

Requires: Strategy Center

Rank Required: 1-3

Countdown Timer: 5:00

A Combat Chinnok airlifts in a squad of infantry, two Rangers, two Missile Defenders, two Pathfinders and two Anti Tank Snipers. They can be airdropped onto buildings or fire through the gunports. All units are at the Elite level.

Level 1

Rank required: 1

Chinnoks deployed: 1

Level 2

Rank required: 3

Chinnoks deployed: 2

Level 3

Rank required: 3

Chinnoks deployed: 4

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Hehehe... We're really taking this seriously, huh? Anyway... I was working on a Covenant general for China... Since fire is a form of plasma, right? Hehehe... Gonna post it soon... :twisted:

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Hehehe... Although I gotta admit, my Covenant general is taking way too much time... :cry:

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How about a GLA general that specializes in Workers and Tunnel Networks armed with Anthrax snipers?

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How about a general who gets 100 monkeys in the beginning? Those monkeys autoreproduce, meaning you have 100k monkeys after the first minute. These monkeys reveal the entire map and can all fire all superweapons and generals powers of the game at once (over the whole map). They can all survive a nuke and all that and autoheal.



Oh, and they teleport.

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Here goes my new Covenant General... The general's name will simply be "The Arbiter", playing for China...


Unique Abilities (per rank):


Rank 1

a. Spy Probe (Scatters Spy Probes over an area, allowing player to gain the Line of Sight of affected units, small arc only)

b. Motion Scanner (Grants all Red Guards the ability to detect stealth for a short period when activated)


Rank 3

a. Orbital Insertion (Drops in a few Elites to aid the Humans, each Elite is armed with a Carbine, they are highly effective against infantry and light vehicles)

b. Plasma Upgrade (Grants infantry access to Covenant arms. Red Guards are then equipped with Carbines, while Tank Hunters receive Fuel Rod Guns. It gives +15% bonus to attacks.)

c. Sanheilei Fleet (Allows the deployment of Elites)

Elites trained this way are equipped with Plasma Rifles and can switch to Plasma Grenades, and they are effective against infantry and light to medium vehicles. They cost $250 a pop.

d. Banshee Strike (Calls in 5 Banshees to bomb an area with Fuel Rod Guns and Plasma Cannons, deals excellent damage in a large radius)


Rank 5

a. Orbital Plasma Bombardment (Bombards an area with Energy Projectors, causing mass initial damage and burning the area afterwards, in a large radius)

b. So That's How It Is (When activated, all infantry become stealth for 4 minutes)

[Named after Halo level wherein the Arbiter evades Brutes]


Added Units (by tier)


Tier 1 (Basic):

a. Ghosts - Covenant hover vehicles. Light, effective only against infantry and vulnerable, these are efficient raiding craft and scout vehicles. Costs $450.

b. Conveyor Belt - A deployable logistics vehicle, effectively gathering supplies at twice the rate of a Supply Truck. Must be deployed within close proximity of supplies in order to gather. Costs $950.

c. Specter - A troop transport with a mounted Plasma Turret on rear and can carry 6 troops at a time. Costs $850.


Tier 2 (Intermediate):

a. Wraith - Artillery vehicle, replacing the Inferno Cannon. Uses 2 Plasma Cannons for close proximity defense against infantry. Plasma Mortar is effective against all ground targets and inflicts splash damage and has a very long range, yet cannot fire quickly. Moves slowly, yet has considerable armor. Costs $1300.

b. Banshee - Multi-purpose fighter. Has 2 Plasma Cannons which are effective against infantry, aircraft and light vehicles, yet inflicts negligible damage on other vehicles. Medium armor and not so fast. Can carry 3 rounds of Fuel Rod Gun. Costs $1100.

c. Anti-Air Wraith - Anti air version of Wraith. Carries dual Fuel Rod Cannons calibrated for use against aircraft. Medium speed and well armored. Can inflict light to medium damage on ground targets. Costs $1200.

d. Human Sniper - Elite snipers, armed with Particle Beam Rifles, which inflict extreme damage on infantry and considerable damage on light vehicles. Has no camouflage. Medium armor. Costs $290 each.


Tier 3 (Advanced/Super):

a. The Arbiter - The Shamed One, leading the Elites against the deluded Covenant loyalists. Has high health and armor, and activatable 10-sec. camouflage. Is armed with a Plasma Sword, Dual Plasma Rifles and a Fuel Rod Gun. Rather quick, and cannot be run over by vehicles. Costs $3500, replacing Black Lotus.

b. The Shadow Of Intent - A Covenant Assault Carrier, carrying 4 light Seraph Starfighters to intercept enemy aircraft. To rebuild one will cost $600. The Shadow Of Intent inflicts devastating ground damage with it's Plasma Torpedoes, yet cannot directly engage aircraft. Costs $5000.

c. Phantom - Transport aircraft, equipped with 3 powerful Plasma Turrets and is well-armored. Can carry 12 infantry or 2 vehicles at a time. Costs $1400.

d. Magistrate of War - Building. Grants access to advanced upgrades and the State of Heresy tier.


Tier 4 (State Of Heresy):

a. Scarab - A powerful ground vehicle. Heavily armored, yet very slow. Has 4 Plasma Cannons able to deal considerable damage to most units except the heaviest tanks. Also armed with Super Plasma Cannon, which is a forward-firing weapon that can destroy virtually anything. Though imposing, the Scarab is limited to 2 at a time and very vulnerable to air units and superweapon strikes. Costs $4500.


Superweapon: N/A

There will be no superweapon for this general, as he already has many heavy weapons in his arsenal.



a. Overshield - Increases the Health of the Elites, Arbiter and Shadow Of Intent.

b. Pinch Fusion Reactors - Removes the Overcharge ability of Nuclear Reactors, but increases their power output by 50% permanently.

c. State Of Heresy - Grants access to Scarabs.

d. Power Batteries - Enables buildings to run for an extra 15 seconds after power supply becomes low.

e. Plasma Munitions - Grants all non-Covenant vehicles Plasma-based armaments, increasing their attack by 20% and the attack rates and accuracy are also increased by 5%.

f. Plasma Fusion Reactors - Grants all non-Covenant vehicles a 15% bonus to their speed. This lower bonus is complimented by the fact that no fallout occurs on the destruction of the vehicle.




1. Inferno Cannons are nor available, as well as Nuke Cannons.

2. Troop Crawlers and Gattling Tanks are also not available.

3. Covenant infantry CANNOT capture buildings, only the original Chinese infantry can capture buildings (to stay loyal to Halo canon).

4. Artillery Training and Artillery Barrage are also not available.

5. Uranium Shells and Nuclear Tank upgrades are not available. Instead, they will be replaced by Plasma Shells and Plasma Fusion Reactors, which are researched in the Magistrate of War building.


7. Mines will not be upgradeable to Neutron class.

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Guest Spartan-117²

all women?.... lol

that general doesnt sound bad


in the destructive forces mod the Delta Force Sniper is a anti tank sniper

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Guest Spartan-117²

I dont think there was the word "Halo" in the create a general lol


but its creativity at its fullest

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Name - General Swartzkoph (I seriously dont know where it came from)


Norman Schwarzkopf was the General in charge of the Coalition forces in the Gulf War

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