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have a problem in Galactic Conquest

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Well i build the Death Star II, send it to Naboo,because it was occupied by the Rebels , i destroyed the spacestation.

then i went to Galactic Display, hovered the deathstar II across the destroy slot but then the death star II exploded and also naboo was gone. Normally Naboo would be only gone. What happend..? Why cant i rebuild it anymore? do i need to research it again ? I am at level 5 research level


The only thing i could think of that it was IG_88 of the Zahn Consortium that made it explode ?

(he can hack the deathstar II)

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Yeah, I have that problem to but it's with the death star 1. Here's what u can do, try restart campaign and when u attack naboo, dont place oyur death star 2 on the slot.


u do not need to

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