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    Good. We can start by kicking you out.
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    It's simple. You already have the CNC3_english_1.0.SkuDef and CNC3_english_1.9.SkuDef files at the least. The game looks for the 1.0 files to be able to select a language. So you need a CNC3_french_1.0.SkuDef. Just create one in any way you see fit (like copy the old and make necessary changes). Then in the Launcher folder you want to also have a french.csf (the string files for the launcher). Now you can just change the language (if you only do the 1.0 skudef file make sure to click on check for update).
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    01100010 01101111 01101111 01100111 01100001 00100000 01101111 01101111 01100111 01100001 00100000 01101111 01101111
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    I find my vocabulary lacking in coming up with adequate words to articulate what I think of that comment. I don't mean that figuratively either, I literally started writing several responses and ended up deleting them all because I simply couldn't express myself. I will just put it this way, the universe will suffer heat death before that happens.
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    In another new article, I've decided to publicly vent about quite a few misinformed and outright stupid comments I've encountered in the C&C community over the past few years on almost all sites and chat rooms I've been to. Sadly, most of these things are frequently repeated over and over. The statements I've made there are sincere mirrors of what I think and feel, so easily offended people beware. You can read the full article here.
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    That allways reminds me of a quote from Renegade and DCoder, two of the guys working on the ARES patch for RA2:
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    Imo, maybe the biggest fault is that RA3 gets compared with TD/RA1. The latter where released in a era that was less adherent to rating organizations and social/political expectations in response to current affairs. Ra1 or TD didn't censor anything in relation to violence, ethnicity, terrorism, war etc. Add to it, that the engine and art style available in that era wasn't hd pixelperfect clear. With no zoom at all and the low def graphics (compared to current graphics, for their time it had good graphics ) you had to use some imagination to see a rifle or bazooka in those sprites. I think it was .shp the ued back then? While if you look at generals/zh , they started to be effected more by censorship, a good example is the german release of it. TW had the same in regards to the fanatic and even super weapons ignoring civi's. So it would be more accurate to compare RA3 to TW imo. Same era, same political climate give or take a few years, same technology lvl engine wise (more or less!). And in that regard TW was a lot darker, not in its context but in regard to its color pallet and shader use. Ra3's animations were more "cartoonish" then TW, noticeable in how infantry ran or the increased amount of "wiggling" and recoil of vehicles. Something which is more visible and easily critiqued because of the definition quality of current graphics compared to what they had in '96-ish. So imo, one should compare TD with RA1, TS with RA2 and TW with RA3. As the time, technology and sociopolitical climate match up better. So imo RA1 was just as gritty as TD, in its use of blood, weapons and their effects use (burning and electrocution, chem death animations). Story wise i found both dark at occasion (burning villages or mass grave pictures, tib mutation etc for TD, sarin gass pictures, firing squad fmv, strangulation or point blank shooting etc for RA). While for TS and RA2 both used an equal amount of violence and gore, TS was darker story wise and presentation, RA2 began to take a more satirical approach to its story and unit design. While for TW and RA, ironically RA3 is darker in regards to weapon effect, if only slightly but it gets overlooked due to RA3 choice of art style and unit design. TW strives to be darker in story telling if only slightly more so do to the introduction of the SCRIN who aggressively target civi's. My two cents atleast.
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    Today's Throwback Thursday feature ventures a bit outside the C&C series, but is still linked to it. The Sims 2 introduced a selection of games that the Sims could play on their computers, all of them, naturally, being EA-published titles like SimCity 4: Rush Hour, SSX 3, and others. This list was expanded in the FreeTime expansion pack, and one of the titles included was C&C 3: Tiberium Wars. When a Sim runs the game, the screen first shows the Tiberium EA ident, followed by actual gameplay footage, all of which seems to have at least one Annihilator Tripod firing. Remember, you can click on the preview to see a larger and more detailed image. Don't forget to check out the Throwback Thursdays archives if you've missed a week. Check back again next Thursday for another Throwback. Send in your ideas for future instalments. We also encourage you to share this on social media using the hash tags #ThrowbackThursday, #CnCTBT and #CNCNZTBT.
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    The format of the ui files is actually apt now. It's a lot more complicated as it's basically flash. I think in the sdk extras which jonwil made ( http://cncmods.net/downloads.php ) contains the apt2xml and xml2apt programs. Currently they're the only publicly available ones to make changes to the ui. It's not pretty, and there are some bugs here and there, but it gets the job done. You basically download the C&C3 UI source files there too and copy the desired file in a new folder, use apt2xml on it, edit the xml, use xml2apt, and copy it into your mod.
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    I just found a preview of the game which was originally published by the UK online magazine Game-Over! It includes several pre-release shots of the game in good quality, including the elusive image with the NATO logo on the sidebar: http://web.archive.org/web/19970117164151/http://www.game-over.co.uk:80/wip2/game-w.htm
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    The new theme has been pushed to all users. If you'd prefer to return to the old theme, you have the option to do so by clicking the "Theme" button at the bottom of the forums. The old theme will remain accessible until it is buggy, I won't be supporting it anymore. For now, enjoy the Gold and Blue!
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    Got some dire news on the original composer. According to news sources, it appears that Jóhann Jóhannsson failed to deliver the promise of composing the entire soundtrack for Blade Runner 2049, let alone Hans Zimmer and Benjamin Wallfisch be credited for the whole thing. Originally Johann was going for an original fresh new soundtrack apart from Vangelis (without any remakes), but unfortunately it didn't turn out as expected. So what about that trailer music that Johann did? No credit? I guess this left some people disappointed. Ever since Hans Zimmer and Benjamin Wallfisch were hired to compose the soundtrack in July 2017, they got less than three months to work on that music magic. I hope the music will be as great as what Vangelis did back in 1982. Too bad I wished Frank Klepacki would have done this rare opportunity. Also the movie sequel duration will run for about 2 hrs. 42 min.
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    I am sorry to bother you here. May I know what software do I need to use RA2 AIEdit? You appears to be very knowledgeble in this area. Here is the software mentioned. https://github.com/askeladdk/aiedit
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    So.... Petroglyph is doing what EA couldn't do to any typical game. Make the game go retail, then do a VR and now do a Nintendo Switch game. Well what about an Xbox One, a PS4 version and an Android verison of 8-bit Armies, hmmm? Yeah, it would be great if a 8-bit Armies/Hordes/Invaders were all-in-one in Nintendo Switch and/or some other console..... all just to milk more money. Desperate times, eh? Maybe Petroglyph should have done a VR and a console version for Grey Goo instead.
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    I don't have a feature or technical request, my only wish is that we work together to cure the growing autism on this forum. CnC is old and many of us play/discuss other games, CNCNZ forum is already a ghost town and who would want to register here and be a member, given that you can count the active members on your fingers, and then most of those active members have 3,000 - 4,000 posts. If RTS comes back to life then I want to recommend that people come here to discuss things (instead of Steam, GOG or another forum). This forum has the advantage of being really effing neat, not only in appearance but also because it is quieter than other communities and it's not full of crap and duplicate threads like Steam always is. I go further than Purple. Instead of getting rid of the rep system I think Zee should get rid of the rep system as well as post counts and assign everyone a custom rank of their choice (since we can count our active members on fingers). In addition to that, we should consider what type of person may like to register here in the future. There's a good chance that RTS will have a revival and for that reason I think we should make this forum more attractive to complete n00bs who may otherwise lurk here and never join. Reputation count is for large, dysfunctional communities and post counts are irrelevant if you ask me. The only thing I want to know is whether someone is a veteran member, or an administrator. Post count is just flipping stupid and should be disabled for everyone. I use Slack to talk to people in my class and if there was a rep system or post count in there it would only bring out the stupidity in people. We don't need a rep system because in a small community we can simply tell a newcomer that Plokite_Wolf will never agree with Purple on anything, nor will he ever upvote me for using humour. I go to an IRL meetup group that always has fewer than 10 people there and we've never discussed having a rep system or a word count or anything to do with rank or contribution data. Everyone just knows everyone and if someone is new we just introduce ourselves using words, not numbers.
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    In the strict sense of it, probably not. Each map has a PLAYER count to it. So if you want 2 people playing you will need a PLAYER_1 and PLAYER_2 on that map. That means they control a army each. what you could do , and this is from the top of my head: Make 3 players on that map. Player 1 and 2 control a dummy/fake army. The cpu controls a 3th army (the real army). these 3 sides are allied. Through some lua and map scripting you could possibly let the following happen: human players own dummy/invisible barracks , warfactories etc. Whenever they build from their queu's they build dummy units that broadcast the actual build orders to the cpu side and it builds the actual units, then again through scripting transfers control to the human player side. That way you could possibly mimic 2 human players sharing a single side? Like i said from the top of my head, there might be better ways, but strictly speaking you cant have 2 PLAYERS share 1 army by default iirc.
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    Yes it's possible in many variants I can think of (mostly lua heavy solutions): 1. Variant - AI Co-Control: This let's an hard ai co control the human players faction side by side. Change MakeAllSkirmishSidesAIControlled = No to Yes in skirmishaidata.ini. You can also make it toggleable e.g. via a playerpower button and with help of lua so that the ai only becomes active if the player wishes to. That's something I had running in the past and it worked great but not for custom factions unfortunately (crashes) that's why I needed to disable it in MetaMod. You could also make an ability to select certain buildings/units during game that the ai then won't control anymore if you wish (via lua) 2. Variant - One basebuilder and one Unit controller: Units get transfered immediately to the other player on creation via lua. A "victory condition dummy" and custom victory condition lua scipts ensure correct win/lose conditions as one player doesn't own any buildings. The sides can even be made switchable and if both players are humans you can even implement an accept/deny button. 3. Variant - see MetaMod diplomacy options menu: "temporary switch sides", "temporary give control to another player", "temporary take control of another player" (with accept/deny button in case of human player). All these options are toggleable. New units created will still belong to the player who created them but that could also be changed if needed. 4. Variant - not recommended: A lua co routine checks every x ms if a player has selected a unit or building of the allied player. If so the unit gets immidiately transfered and tranfereed back after unselect so that it's not noticeable. Downside: Short selection keys (q,w...) need to be replaced by an additonal selection menu. But these menu entries can have keys assigned themselves. Group assignment won't work here except if you also make menu entries that trigger lua selection scripts for that. 5. Everything inbetween - mixture of thes variants. Just as an interesting sidennote: We can use 4 more players/teams that are always available regardless of the playercount: Lua Team Names: NeutralTeam="/team" CivilianTeam="PlyrCivilian/teamPlyrCivilian" CreepsTeam="PlyrCreeps/teamPlyrCreeps" ObserverTeam="ReplayObserver/teamReplayObserver" I use the CreepsTeam (always enemy to all) e.g. for my art of defense gamemodes, so we don't need another dummy ai player. CivilianTeam,NeutralTeam or ObserverTeam could be used as an artificiall ally. You could totally program an independent lua ai for these to support the player too. But it's a loooot of work.