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    On Friday, W3D Hub posted a pretty intense update on what they've been doing behind the scenes lately. Apart from a new intro that goes with their logo inspired by Westwood's 1998-2003 orb logo and a run-down of what they've accomplished from their 2018 roadmap, they've announced that the W3D Hub launcher now supports the regular C&C Renegade with the option of installing the latest version of Scripts, an announcement for the W3D Kit that will accomodate many needs of Renegade modders, a new wiki for W3D engine development called the Tacitus, and last but definitely the most, the first public release of W3D tools for 3D Studio Max 2017 that is meant to support model formats from C&C Renegade, C&C Generals/Zero Hour and the Battle for Middle-earth titles. More details can be found in their official post.
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    Oh... I believe that the radar being enabled sound is a UI (or GUI) related sound. I do not think that you can have faction specific versions.
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    https://ppmforums.com/viewtopic.php?highlight=eva&t=21238 https://ppmforums.com/viewtopic.php?highlight=eva&t=33221
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    Not too much later he says rivals is respectful to the series
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    Over a year ago, Ars Technica launched an amazing video series called War Stories, in which they interview developers of classic video games and ask them about a major problem they faced during development and how they tackled it. The most recent episode features Westwood Studios' co-founder Louis Castle, who talked about the issue of pathfinding in C&C: Tiberian Sun, which had already had a lot of other development issues. This is Castle's second feature on the show, as he discussed the influence of the 1997 Blade Runner game on the adventure genre in the preceding episode that you should also watch.
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    Oh gee, 15:03 debunks fanboytards worldwide, just like I always said.