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    This should keep you afloat for another year then.
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    You make these pronouncements, yet already admitted you know next to nothing about programming. Nowadays you could write a more flexible and lightweight engine? You could back when Generals was written and indeed it seems it was quite flexible since they managed to get 7 games out of it if you count expansions. Lightweight? Why do you think you could write a more lightweight engine now rather than then, if anything engines should have been more light weight back then because they couldn't rely on having multiple CPU's and the shed loads of memory and GPU compute that we can take for granted now. That said, maybe generals can be optimized more, I doubt they did more than they needed to to ship it working on systems that met some average spec back in the day. Frankly is seems like you are just trolling and looking for an argument, do you even C&C bro? What do YOU think I should be spending my time doing?
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    I've heard numbers like this from other games too. Each component plays its role, singleplayer sells your game, multiplayer keeps it alive. They were trying the reverse. Additionally, in regards to freemium models, something like 90% of players never spend anything on F2P games. So if you use singleplayer as a pay-for incentive, you are marketing your game for the 25% multiplayers and selling it to 10% of the singleplayers. If your game is a cheap mobile game that took less than a year to develop with a minimal-sized team, that kind of business model can actually work great. For a high production RTS, not so much. (Disclaimer: I have not verified the statistics mentioned above, they are just hearsay from game developers who may be biased or ignorant. I tend to believe they are accurate, but they should not be accepted as fact.)
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    I think there was a potential draft of the story for C&C 3 and Tiberium, where the Scrin were actually human: https://forum.cncsaga.com/gallery/image/3151-travail-sur-scrin/ Which was then altered to look like this: https://forum.cncsaga.com/gallery/image/3152-scrin/ This is official art from C&C 3. Both pieces come from the same artist. Worst of all is the former is what appears to be a final, colorized version, so this means it likely wasn't just a "what if" idea, they put a lot of thought and development into it, before it was scrapped and the aliens became "generic Hollywood aliens". Now, remember, the C&C 3 and Tiberium "story bible" did take inspiration from the scrapped TS Story Bible (like the Tacitus being recovered in 2028), as well as some elements seen here: https://translate.google.com/translate?sl=de&tl=en&js=y&prev=_t&hl=en&ie=UTF-8&u=http%3A%2F%2Fwww.chrissyx.com%2Fc%26ctib.php&edit-text= Kane was originally in contact with the Scrin, at one point, and he was the member of an ancient, highly advanced human civilization. Not too dissimilar from what Westwood had in mind, from what I can recall (well, the ancient civilization, that Westwood had in mind, was from Mars, at one point, but that was scrapped). We'll never know the answer...But it ties in everything pretty neatly, if Scrin are humans. 1. They've evolved to become a cult of addiction instead of a race (Kane's Wrath Intel Database). They were humans and we're all prone to addiction. Reason why we don't see "the addicts is because they're humans and most of the Scrin harvesting force are just bio-mechanical constructs made by advanced nanotech. This can also explain why it's so easy for them to mind-control Humans (who's to say an alien brain and biology are both compatible with Human brains?) and to turn them into "Scrin" (Traveler-59's Cultists (and they're called by a typical Nod name!)) 2. They know Kane cause he was their prophet, in the past. They were part of that same ancient civilization. 3. The "Brotherhood" that was the "enemy" of "The Scrin" (as mentioned in that GDI Intel Database entry) can only be Nod. There was also the word "Ascended" thrown in there. (Read, under "InOps" here, find the entry titled "Alien Origins, Connections to the Tacitus": http://cnc.wikia.com/wiki/Intelligence_Database) This explains how Kane knows of the Scrin and understands their technology and seems to know their origins. The Scrin were originally on Earth...Not as invaders, but rather, they were Humans, whom were later exiled (or simply left). This is why Kane can regenerate so well and so easily compared to us mortals, why he can give his DNA to others (C&C4...But let's ignore that one). This explains why they came back for Earth, specifically. Kane is also seemingly immune to Tiberium (C&C3) and this explains why some mutants exist, why some humans are seemingly not dead, but only mutated after Tiberium exposure (think of it like Marvel's Inhumans and Tiberium is Terrigen Crystals / Terrigen Mists) - Those mutants were part of the "ancient advanced human race" that roamed Earth millennia before (or a Human/Ancient hybrid). This isn't too dissimilar of the concept of the Nephalem in Diablo 3, the Precursors/Isu from Assassin's Creed (or a potential Human-ancient hybrid, like what the Assassins and Templars are) or the half-God/half-human hybrids of Greek mythology. Heck, even Halo has its lore settled on the concept of there having been an ancient space-faring Human race 100 000 years ago, just close enough to today for humans to have had the chance to fully evolve to Homo Sapiens, but distant enough so that any trace of that civilization can have completely vanished, without leaving a trace, so to explain as to how we don't have far advanced technology today, and to avoid contradicting how civilization truly started 10 000 years ago for us. So...Yeah, that would've been a cool twist. Think they're aliens? Nope! They're humans. Oh, also CABAL is part of them, because he was reborn from an ancient Scrin AI. So technically, the 3rd faction is not only the Scrin, but also CABAL and The Forgotten. It's all 3! That would've been mind-blowing. Imagine the devs telling us whenever we asked if it was The Scrin, CABAL or the Forgotten, and the devs would always say "Yes", but we'd be like "they're trolling us! Which one is it?!" and then it turns out they were telling us the truth.
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    Hello! We want to thank Plokite_Wolf for approving and all of you for reading this thread MARS 2000 - oldschool RTS game inspired by C&C series! MARS 2000 is a realtime strategy inspired by Command and Conquer series. For now it is in active development by Space Crab Development. What it is all about This game offers you a brutal and balanced gameplay in a dieselpunk setting. Deceptively recognizable mechanics, that will show you lots of new tasty things, when you try them. Single Player Our single player campaingn tells the player about confrontation of 3 forces - 1 Industrial Cohort, Earth Liberating Force and mysterious 3 side known only as "Those Robots" with a pretty good lore on each side. As our tribute to the C&C series we offer you a delightful thing: pretty cinematics with live actors and a storyline which blow your mind! Multiplayer As it was said it is easy to start (yeah friends, we know that there are lot of C&C fans here) and hard to master. We have done a big work to balance our rosters and give you opportunity to set up your own. There are a lot of combinations you can make using special theme packs - build your own deadly force. Also we have done a big work, developing our net code. Yes we know how annoying all that nasty multiplayer things and bugs are. Space Crab Development - who are that folks? We are a little group of oldschool RTS fans. During giant period of time (over 6 years) we were practising in making game modes and total conversions so we reach some kind of perfection for each one of us in our directions of work. We are trying to make ideal strategy game for us and other people, who share our vision and we are working really hard on it. Our development is not sponsored, so we are doing all the things by ourselves - there is only 5 of us in our team. (programmer, 3d artist/backgrounds artist, gamedesigner/video artist, sketch artist and a level designer) we are trying to use modern technologies and we are working the best to our abilities, because we love our project. Afterword We hope, that there are a lot of people who miss golden age of RTS genre. But it is all in our hands, so let's do it our brothers and sisters in arms We will be glad for your comments and questions here and in our social network groups: Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/mars2000game/ Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/mars_2000/ Youtube: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCYgf1LMvLdwLbCFxMznMwAQ Twitter: https://twitter.com/mars2000game/
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    Nice dislike ratio on those videos...
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    The game doesn't seem to have been made with adding to the C&C universe in mind. Maximum continued profit potential and minimum development cost seems to be what they were aiming for. Those are my two cents... or rather ten.
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    After a long wait, version 3.3.3 of the beloved Yuri's Revenge mod Mental Omega APYR has been released. Aside from technical improvements like Ares 1.0 integration and a new renderer option (DDrawCompat), this release brings new missions (including 3 of 4 Foehn origin story missions), the new Whipray ship for Foehn, the Quick Fort support power for Scorpion Cell, new maps, the long-awaited map editor FinalAlert 2: Mental Omega, ability to change hotkeys, a statistics screen, rebalances, bugfixes, and loads more. Seriously, just check the changelog, there's a lot of important changes. The patch is available for download on ModDB. If you haven't installed it yet, you will require the base 3.3.0 release, and don't forget to grab the soundtrack files as well.
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    There's a possibility it will feature some highly stable and easily traded in-game currency that becomes the de facto world currency after a massive global economic collapse makes all other standard currencies explode into a hyperinflation that even makes Robert Mugabe shake his head in disgust. It is possible EA will take advantage of their position as the effective world bank to become the new world superpower. Possibly a military enforcement arm would need to be employed to make sure no one tries to develop counterfeit in-game currencies in black market sweat shops. It is possible Blizzard would raise a counter-revolutionary army to fight back, secretly developing a game with an alternate currency to undermine the power EA holds over the planet. It is possible a special ops task force that answers straight to Andrew Wilson will infiltrate Blizzard and assassinate the development teams so EA can continue to reign supreme. Possibly Blizzard would respond by seeding rebellion among all the small companies EA bought out over the years and secretly transporting weapons and equipment in to them for sabotage and guerilla warfare. There is a possibility one rogue EA developer will implant a bug into EA's game that breaks the system and causes everyone to lose faith in EA's currency. Possibly Bethesda will attempt to manufacture bottle caps as a currency replacement. This effort would fail - there is no possibility bottle caps will make a good currency. But possibly a bunch of C&C modders will band together and develop a C&C mod with a superior currency system and possibly escape notice because the one thing EA does right is not mess with C&C modders. The perfect C&C mod could possibly save the world and issue in the dawn of a new age where every person on the planet plays C&C, not because they want to, but because they can't buy a loaf of bread without first constructing a Refinery to hold their funds. It's possible...
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    ***STATUS UPDATE FROM THE BATTLEFIELD*** C&C Tiberian Dawn Redux patch version 1.44 is now live! This patch completes the long awaited story campaign remaster with the cinematic sequences included! Check out the latest trailer below: After 10 years of tedious work overcoming lots of headaches to fully adapt a classic game into a modern 3D game engine, the C&C Tiberian Dawn Redux Mod has finally completed the remastered story campaigns of the original Command & Conquer released over 20 years ago with over 30 singleplayer campaign missions and their cinematic sequences! As seen above, when designing the existing campaign missions, a great amount of work goes into every map in order to attain the best possible accuracy and detail. On the left is an image layout of the original C&C95 map of the respective campaign mission and then the recreated version in the Mod can be seen on the right rendered in the C&C Generals World Builder. And yes with some clever hack and mod work utilizing World Builder scripts and the existing campaign system in Generals, the epic ending cinematics will also be included! To conclude, I feel that anyone who is a C&C Fan and an RTS Gamer should give this Mod a serious look as I think you will be pleased with the quality of the finished product considering that this is a still just a C&C Generals Zero Hour Mod. It has come a long way since the early days! Check out this fantastic gameplay video courtesy of TaxOwlbear. ***WARNING! CONTAINS SPOILERS!*** I again want to say THANK YOU to everyone in the C&C Community who has followed and contributed to this project since the beginning! As of this writing the mod is officially finished! However, I will not rule out additional releases in the future in the form of bug fixes for rebalancing or making additional bonus missions for expanding the SPEC OPS campaign. ***DOWNLOAD THE LATEST PATCH HERE*** ***DOWNLOAD THE FULL CAMPAIGN CUTSCENES HERE*** ***GET THE FULL VERSION OF THE MOD HERE*** Also feel free to like and follow the Mod on Facebook! ©2017 sgtmyers88 & The C&C Tiberian Dawn Redux Development Team
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    I wanted to write something to have my final goodbye and officially sign off as the webmaster, founder and lead administrator of CNCNZ.com. So I decided to write an article addressing stuff such as the closure announcement, change of ownership and my final thoughts. It is short, to the point and hopefully it answers everyone's questions. You can read the entire article right here. And with that I'm done. As I wrote just under a month ago. It has been an honor and privilege to serve as webmaster of this site but now its time to step aside. Long live Command & Conquer! Long live CNCNZ.com!
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    I just found several previews/reviews of the game available via the Wayback Machine with good quality pre-release screenshots (some in the GIF format): Computer Games Online news (16-01-1998) Computer Games Online first look (12-02-1998) Computer Games Online screenshots (16-05-1998) Computer Games Online preview (23-06-1998) Strategy Gaming Online review (15-10-1998)
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    Expect an announcement soon from the new boss. It's someone who I wanted to take control years ago. He will pull it together like lego.
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    Hey guys. Firstly thanks for your support. It was difficult for me to write that post. The reality is I can't afford to pay for the hosting any more. I have more bills and rent that must come fist. With that said. I have read all the replies here and many PMs. I'm very sleepy as I reply to this. So give me chance to sleep on it. Someone else taking over the hosting seems to be the best option if you want the site to live on.
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    It is the first Monday of April, so it is time for another article from Nmenth's Research Lab. This month, we will explore the Tesla Coils of Command & Conquer and see how they compare with reality. A new technology will be explored in Nmenth's Research Lab on the first Monday of every month. Return next month on the 7th when I take a closer look at Railguns.
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    It is the first Monday of February, so it is time for another article from Nmenth's Research Lab. This month, we will explore the technology of the Electromagnetic Pulse and how its use in Command & Conquer compares with reality. A new technology will be explored in Nmenth's Research Lab on the first Monday of every month. Return next month on the 5th when I take a closer look at the Hovercraft.
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    I for one like a good story in my RTS games, like StarCraft 1 or C&C games and I don't really like adventure (like point and clicks) games that much. The story doesn't have to be an epic dialogue heavy story (like StarCraft 1) just an enjoyable story that fits in with the missions you play (like C&C) it doesn't even need a lot of dialogue the sounds, units and environments can do a lot of story telling too (like Homeworld). As for the old 2D C&C the one that fits the description of buggy gameplay is Tiberian Sun, the rest are polished fairly well. As for one production facility units come out of. I don't know I kind of like that idea it keeps things simple, rather than having to click through several factories you worry about one while the others you build assist in construction. As for SC1 wrecking C&C in sales numbers sure, Blizzard did support the game for over a decade not to mention the 3D C&C's were "wrecked pretty hard" by SC2.
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    He's talking about the name - Egon Schuller. Damn you're the dense one sometimes PW. Don't fall on your butt on the way down from your high horse.
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    Update 9/23/2011: Good news, I finally found a way to copy files directly from the original CD-ROM, I should have checked the Inno Setup newsgroup earlier... oh well, it figures I would find it just after I found a way to compress the whole game down to 98.7 MB. Anyway, here's a list of features: -Windows 64-bit support (32-bit installer) -Original Installer and Uninstaller icons and splash screen -Option to choose between 8-bit and 16-bit sounds (like the original installer) -Game now runs on Windows NT 4.0 and 2000 (game would crash) -Dialog boxes updated to accommodate the Aero theme on Vista/7 (the original didn't have any consistent size or placement and Aero only made things worse with the border size changes it made so dialog boxes were cut off, huge, or misplaced.) -Same for XP's theme -Re-sized icons to avoid the ugly 32x32 to 48x48 scaling that Windows XP and above does -Can be installed in Program Files without causing problems (though that's not the default installation path) -No-CD patched (Netbook users rejoice! CD-ROM required once for installation though, just grab a usb or virtual drive) -Optional Compiled HTML Help (Monopoly.chm) for users without the KB917607 update (Vista/7/2008/etc.) -Smaller WinG32.dll file compiled from Wine's source code (Doesn't need to be in System32) Note, this only supports the US English version for now... the only other version I have access to is the French version but haven't gotten around to fixing up the dialog boxes yet. I essentially have to start from scratch since a lot of the text is different lengths than the English version. Anyone feeling ambitious? Monopoly_32_bit_Installer.zip Edit 9/26/2011: Fixed a bug with the installer, nothing to see here... Original Post: Is anyone else interested in patching Westwood's Monopoly game? I'm working on a new installer to replace the original 16-bit installer that doesn't work on x64. So far I've been able to remove the CD check and get the game to run without crashing on Windows 2000 and above. Windows XP, Vista, and 7 use a lazy fix and ignore exceptions produced by trying to run a privileged instruction (in this case, trying to access the video card to detect vertical refresh) so I've essentially done the same thing by NOP'ing out the instruction. The problem is, it seems like the game uses a high number of CPU cycles (task manager shows 55%) this way, so I'd like to find a better way if possible. Also, it'd be nice to fix the bug where the computer players would keep playing if the last human player goes bankrupt since this prevents you from exiting the game.
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    Need some more RTS in your life? Enjoy the likes of TA, Supreme Commander and a little known game called Command & Conquer? Well you might like Rusted Warfare. It's cheap as chips, and really rather good! STEAM LINK: http://store.steampowered.com/app/647960/Rusted_Warfare__RTS/
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    Best of luck good sir.... and on a light hearted note, welcome to the staff retirement club. Unfortunately there's no healthcare plan, pension or young nurses to look after us here, we still have to look after ourselves It always has been an honour working with you since the TSNNZ days. You've done the site, this community and its members proud.
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    Yea, it's not like all rare versions of C&C1 I bought from the donation money I got for the 1.06 patch immediately got uploaded as ISOs for the community, and/or used to improve the patch. Oh wait. They were
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    Long live CNCNZ and the C&C communities all over!
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    Would you say C&C4 works better as a mobile game compared to it's bigger PC counterpart?