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    8 was bugged on my computer, 7 works better I guess.
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    I am using 3dsmax 8 and I have the plugins.
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    Petroglyph seems to have joined up with Team17, another company which hasn't developed a proper title in many, many years.
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    The newest episode is here! This time, it's all about crates. One thing that always irritated me (and I'm sure many of you) is when you'd send your men after a crate, only for it to disappear and spawn somewhere else right before you got to it! Let's hope the boys in this video have some better luck.
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    Here's my soundtracks collection. Most of them are FLAC. Includes C&C and some other stuff. https://www.mediafire.com/folder/m4ln0nnw1s7rw/Game_music
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    The stable branch of OpenRA was updated to version 20171014 this Saturday. The most important change is that OpenRA's mods (Tiberian Dawn, Red Alert and Dune 2000) are now launched separately instead of through a unified interface, which is a change which first appeared in the playtest build 20170722. Other changes include a command bar visibly inspired by the one from Tiberium Wars, nine new campaign missions for Dune 2000, reworked building targeting and the way they take damage, new search and filtering options in the map editor, improved global chat interface, performance and memory usage optimizations related to music playback, community-approved balance changes and much more. For more information and download links, visit OpenRA's official website.
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    You can trigger the autohealnehavior with a upgrade <TriggeredBy>upgrade_starthealing</TriggeredBy> or something like it. if you remove that upgrade (using a modelconditionevent +HEALTH_PERCENT_50) it will stop healing. so start with: function OnReach25Health(self) ObjectGrantUpgrade( self, "Upgrade_StartHealing" ) end function OnReach50Health(self) ObjectRemoveUpgrade( self, "Upgrade_StartHealing" ) end and in your evenlist <ModelConditionEvent Name="Reach25Health"> <Conditions>+HEALTH_PERCENT_25</Conditions> </ModelConditionEvent> <ModelConditionEvent Name="Reach50Health"> <Conditions>+HEALTH_PERCENT_50</Conditions> </ModelConditionEvent> <!-- Add these handlers to each unit that needs self healing --> <EventHandler EventName="Reach25Health" ScriptFunctionName="OnReach25Health" DebugSingleStep="false"/> <EventHandler EventName="Reach50Health" ScriptFunctionName="OnReach50Health" DebugSingleStep="false"/> try that
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    While agreeing with Zee, I was hoping for a story or new feature(s) coming out from a game instead of looking at the gameplay. Also this article: http://www.pcgamer.com/strategy-veterans-petroglyph-announce-forged-battalion-a-heavily-customisable-rts/ I guess Petroglyph/Team17 took a page again from C&C and this time took a page from WarZone 2100 with custom-creating units and now factions.
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    If a game is legally made freeware, that status cannot be removed, no matter how much the company wants to do so. If it wasn't a legal change, but out of the "kindness" of their hearts, they can revoke it at any time.
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    It is assumed that they are, as there was no explicit notice that they weren't. The fact that there have been no download links on the official site since February 2011 means little because... well... whoever was in charge of the website didn't find downloads important, as there were only downloads of C&C3 stuff and links to Nyer's site (which held and still holds a link to the full C&C95) and the TFD unofficial patch. All else was scattered around the net through loose links (RIP na.llnet.cnc3tv.ea.com and na.llnet.cdn.ea.com 2007-2013). The RA1 discs have always been mirrored, from FilePlanet to FileFront. It was not a temporary promotion, as when the site was redesigned for C&C4, the links to C&C95 and RA1 were put alongside the newly-free TS/FS on 12 February 2010 - the exact same ISOs as before. Considering EA's legal team and their "authorized" lackeys are rather trigger-happy, and nobody was sanctioned for mirroring these files since C&C95's "liberation" in August 2007 (!), there is no reason to fear. The same goes for the MekTek release of MechWarrior 4: Mercenaries, AFAIK.
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