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    One of the little known but saddening side-effects of Victory Games' closure in 2013 was that a lot of Westwood-era archives were scheduled for disposal, among which were the original tapes holding cutscene footage. We do not know for sure if EA ever digitally archived them beforehand. However, very few people in the community were in on the fact that an unknown person managed to get hold of three of these tapes from Yuri's Revenge before they reached a landfill in the Los Angeles area - one holding selects from days 1-5, one holding selects from day 6, and one holding off-line footage. Ladies and gentlemen, for the first time in history, and thanks to @anderwin for posting this first on Project Perfect Mod, we witness the footage from days 1-5 of the filming of Yuri's Revenge, which was long believed to have been lost. Enjoy!
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    This video alone will tell the story. C&C 1 and Red Alert 1 are the first to get remasters, Frank Klepacki is back, and Petroglyph Games is involved. More info here.
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    Hope they'll aim to recreate the scale of the original DOS version, not how the graphics ended up in the Win95 hi-res mode, and that they won't forget to keep the aspect ratio issue in mind: At any rate, it's probably going to be a bit more complex than with StarCraft's graphics, but I do hope they'll be showing the WIP stages and consult with the community as the Reddit post suggested.
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    It is the AI Schema .xml files for WrathEd. Extract the folder and put it into the schemas directory "...\WrathEd\Tools\Games\Kane's Wrath" Changed: Extract the folders and put it into the schemas directory "...\WrathEd\Tools\Games" Let me know if there are any issues when compiling AI or viewing AI in BigView. Hopefully, you should be able to mod almost anything regarding the AI and see new great potential (I would be curious if someone was to make a new faction with fully working AI, something seemingly impossible in TibWars). Update 1.5: If you have downloaded before 1.5, I would recommend replacing with this version. Self Patch Guide Patch Notes: 1.1: An Entry to EntryRelocation 1.2: Changed more Entry to EntryRelocation 1.3: Removed Entry that was not supposed to be there in AIBuildDelayRange which caused BigView to crash when looking at AI Personalities and potentially causing Compilation Errors (Thank you Boxhead78 for pointing out the crash). 1.4: Fixed AccountShare in AIBudgetStateDefinition -> Budget. Can now be viewed in BigView and be properly compiled. Added Tiberium Wars Schemas (To view AI in Tiberium Wars, particularly the campaign AI) 1.5: Fixed Target Heuristics SkirmishAI_1_5.zip
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    About half an hour ago, Jim Vessella posted an update on the progress with Command & Conquer: Remastered and Red Alert: Remastered on the C&C subreddit, which we bring you in its entirety:
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    Resolutions 1080p 1440p UHD 4K 4k UItrawide Phone 1440p (9:16) Resolutions 1080p 1440p UHD 4K 4k UItrawide Phone 1440p (9:16)
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    Here's a thing I thought concerning the remaster of Command & Conquer (reposting from another forum). Originally, C&C envisioned a modern conflict, implied to be happening "twenty minutes into the future", and it is actually one of the central themes around which the entire setting of the game is built. For example, EVA is not simply a fancy name for the user interface, it is supposed to be military software used for remote battlefield command from a personal computer, with the player being invited to be that commander by installing the game. This is drastically different from all the other games in the series that take place in time frames outside from the present, and the commander person is accordingly a fictional character whose role the player assumes but does not necessarily identify with (TS ditched the player commander convention entirely, only to bring it back in Firestorm). I believe that great care must be taken to preserve this unique atmosphere of the first game in a proper remaster, something from which the Windows 95 Gold edition unfortunately started to deviate (for example, the high-res menu fonts no longer match the green EVA font used in the FMVs like shown above). The thing is, Command & Conquer has become "retrofuturistic" with the passage of time. For example, the intro sequence with switching TV channels before tuning into the GDI/Nod transmissions makes a lot less sense today than it did in 1995, especially to the younger audiences. Of course it can be accurately preserved, but then again it could be reimagined in a modern way (e.g. by imitating web browsing instead of watching TV). There's no immediate answer to which is the right approach, but it highlights the fact that updating a game like C&C for a modern audience and tech goes beyond simply redrawing graphics in higher resolution and adding interface improvements. My personal opinion is that leaving everything as it is would be a sloppy job. This leaves two viable options, either update the setting to a modern one (2018 instead of 1995), or emphasise the fact that it's 1995 while sacrificing the "twenty minutes into the future" feel and making the result a true piece of retrofuturistic fiction. Either way it would require some creative talent to pull off properly I guess.
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    This information of KW AI schemas is going to be so useful that I am going to note this in the C&C3/KW Mod SDK FAQs.
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    It is the first Monday of January, so to start off the second year of Nmenth's Research Lab, this month we will examine some of the unusual aircraft in Command & Conquer, including the Kirov, Siege Chopper, and S.H.R.I.N.K. Beam and see how these compare with reality. New technologies will be explored on the first Monday of every month, so return next month on the 4th for more from Nmenth's Research Lab.
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    Version 7.6 is available.
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    It is the first Monday of December, so it is time for another article from Nmenth's Research Lab. This month, we will examine the Nukes in Command & Conquer and see how they compare with real nuclear technology. This article marks the end of this format of Nmenth's Research Lab, which has now run for twelve months. Unfortunately, there are a finite number of concepts that can be considered throughout the series. That said, there are still many of some interest that were not covered, primarily due to insufficient material to stretch out into a full article. So when Nmenth's Research Lab returns in 2019 on the 7th of January, it will cover a range of lesser technologies instead of just one.
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    Went from a 1070 to a 1080 Ti a few months ago. Sold the 1070 to a friend. I also ordered an Audio-Technica ATH-M40x headphones, should be getting them soon. https://www.gigabyte.com/Graphics-Card/GV-N108TGAMING-OC-11GD#kf https://www.audio-technica.com/cms/headphones/75b2f282c93a7651/index.html
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    Here's a set of new developments all throughout the community in the recent days: VG247 has revealed that Warren Spector, creator of Deus Ex, has worked on a first-person Command & Conquer RPG game that was cancelled by EA, adding that it would've taken a lot of inspiration from Deus Ex. No further information was given on this cancelled project. Deep Impact, a total conversion mod for Zero Hour, has been cancelled by its team, No Life Studios. The latest beta build of the mod was released "as-is" and can be downloaded here. The Second Tiberium War mod has been updated to version 2.0, which can now be downloaded. It replaces several units from its older versions and from Tiberian Sun, as well. Eternal Cronus, a new total conversion for Yuri's Revenge set in an alternate Red Alert future, has released its first in-game shots of structures from one of its new factions. A Generals-based total conversion mod for C&C3, aptly titled "Generals", has released in-game footage as well as in-game screenshots. CnC: Final War, a well-known Yuri's Revenge mod which has just recently been released, has new screenshots, showcasing the return of Soviet Service Depots, a new EuroCoal unit and the new Allied Navy, all of which will be a part of patch 1.0b. C&C Generals: Frontlines, a small mod for Zero Hour, has received an alpha release. Star Wars: Command & Conquer - Tiberium Empire, is a total conversion for C&C3 that was announced last month. Aside from having a long name, it brings about most of the well-known factions from the prequel and original Star Wars trilogy into C&C3, by altering the lore so that Tiberium makes its apperance in the Star Wars universe. Its sole developer, Quinn-G, is already showcasing progress on the mod. Project Tomahawk:Storm, a mod for classic C&C Generals rather than Zero Hour, has just been updated to version 1.1. You can also browse the mod's gallery for in-game screenshots of the latest version. Kane's Wrath Unofficial Big Bang patch 1.04, a Kane's Wrath mod, the Wolverine has just received a graphical upgrade and GDI will now have a Field Trooper Drop Pod support power. Madin, the developer of the C&C: Red Alert History mod for C&C3, has shown several new additions for Release 7 of his mod, with more on the way in the coming days. Shown so far are the Airforce Command, Harrier, Mirage Tank, Soviet Multi-Drone, Mammoth Tank and Ore Trucks. The Doom Desire total conversion mod for Yuri's Revenge has had 2 new structures revealed for its Essence Faction: The Aural Resonator and The Assembly Plant.
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    Depends on whether they've woken up from their 8-Bit Armies/Forged Battalion phase and whether EA's budget will affect the quality of the remasters. The art will be done by Lemon Sky Studios (who did the same for StarCraft: Remastered) and they're working on remasters and not new games after all, so if they manage to botch this up with all those things considered, then they should finally close. If they don't, then they might be redeemed after a few such projects. Too early to tell. At least they seem genuinely invested from brief communication.
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    Hey everyone, as some of you might remember, I made a poll a little over a month ago, asking about what you'd like to see in a C&C Remaster. Here are the results: https://docs.google.com/forms/d/1ObZyd6en25oPNWhgaRskFTyK5h080ibejCOqG-FeNCc/viewanalytics https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/128Q2r_EhTpvyf3tbwz7d46T5jvm1IxSLPwsnDqb9yvQ/edit?usp=sharing
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    Yes!!!!!! Well Done EA! i am so happy we are getting OG Remasters, these are the 2 best games in the series and i love RA1 too death. i would kill for a Nintendo Switch Port as well. this will be the reason for me to upgrade my PC again. so happy!!!!! And Petroglyph looking after it, lets hope EA Trust them to do the full treatment of the series. Happy Days!
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    An interesting project, I must say. Not something I've seen examined outside Extra Credits. Just gave a quick watch, but I'd like to dissect some of the videos when I get some more time to give you proper feedback, but you have a good start. I wonder if you'll actually be making games as your site's title would imply...
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    Okay, reason why your objects don't show up and why game ends immediately after starting the map is because there is literally nothing on the map. Worldbuilder shows 0 objects. Even player start points are not there. After I added start points for players game did not end after running map. Whether you really deleted absolutely everything, or something bugged out, or whatever.... I don't know. What you can do though, if you decide to edit the original map again is to do it step by step. Delete 10-15 objects, save map, see if it works. Rinse and repeat.
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    Any other theoretical story about the Scrin can't be any worse than the story was told in the official games at this point.
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    A couple Mod addon files have been uploaded including a unit voice changing Mod along with a launcher rewrite that enables more custom resolutions and windowed mode. The former might upset some C&C purists which is why it is available as an "addon" and not an official release. However, they actually fit in quite well. Downloads: http://www.moddb.com/mods/command-conquer-tiberian-dawn-redux/addons Demo Videos: http://www.moddb.com/mods/command-conquer-tiberian-dawn-redux/videos
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    ***STATUS UPDATE FROM THE BATTLEFIELD*** C&C Tiberian Dawn Redux patch version 1.44 is now live! This patch completes the long awaited story campaign remaster with the cinematic sequences included! Check out the latest trailer below: After 10 years of tedious work overcoming lots of headaches to fully adapt a classic game into a modern 3D game engine, the C&C Tiberian Dawn Redux Mod has finally completed the remastered story campaigns of the original Command & Conquer released over 20 years ago with over 30 singleplayer campaign missions and their cinematic sequences! As seen above, when designing the existing campaign missions, a great amount of work goes into every map in order to attain the best possible accuracy and detail. On the left is an image layout of the original C&C95 map of the respective campaign mission and then the recreated version in the Mod can be seen on the right rendered in the C&C Generals World Builder. And yes with some clever hack and mod work utilizing World Builder scripts and the existing campaign system in Generals, the epic ending cinematics will also be included! To conclude, I feel that anyone who is a C&C Fan and an RTS Gamer should give this Mod a serious look as I think you will be pleased with the quality of the finished product considering that this is a still just a C&C Generals Zero Hour Mod. It has come a long way since the early days! Check out this fantastic gameplay video courtesy of TaxOwlbear. ***WARNING! CONTAINS SPOILERS!*** I again want to say THANK YOU to everyone in the C&C Community who has followed and contributed to this project since the beginning! As of this writing the mod is officially finished! However, I will not rule out additional releases in the future in the form of bug fixes for rebalancing or making additional bonus missions for expanding the SPEC OPS campaign. ***DOWNLOAD THE LATEST PATCH HERE*** ***DOWNLOAD THE FULL CAMPAIGN CUTSCENES HERE*** ***GET THE FULL VERSION OF THE MOD HERE*** Also feel free to like and follow the Mod on Facebook! ©2017 sgtmyers88 & The C&C Tiberian Dawn Redux Development Team
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    General point system By destroying opponent's units or structures, you gain experience. When you have gained enough, you as a general will rise in rank. In previous patches, you started out with one general point and gain one for each rank you rise, with an additional two for being promoted to 5 star general rank. In patch 1.06, this has been changed: The amount of points you gain per general promotion has been tripled. You start out with three general points and gain another three for each rank you rise. You gain nine for being promoted to 5 star general. This change has obviously been made to balance out the general point system. There was a huge difference in general abilities in terms of effectiveness: some were borderline overpowered, while others were downright useless. And they all had the same cost of one general point, which made no sense and lowered the use of inferior abilities down to zero. Thanks to this change, a myriad of options present itself. Since you start out with three points and most abilities available from start only cost one point, you can choose more than one general ability straight off the bat, making for interesting new combinations. Also, abilities that were too strong have been upped in cost, meaning you will have to forego other abilities to afford them. To add to that, devastating ability combinations such as the China Bomber / Artillery Barrage 2 combo for example - which usually levels entire bases, especially GLA bases where the supply gatherers are boxed in - aren't available at 3 star general rank anymore, because the Bomber is too expensive for that; you'd come one point short. Not only does this make Zero Hour less based on skillless point & click-destruction, it also warrants more use for the less popular general abilities around. For the cost of each of them in specific, have a look below. Notice that all unit accessability-general points are lowered to the cost of only 1 point. They aren't too demanding to warrant use anymore, and going for both Marauder Tanks and SCUD Launchers or Paladin Tanks and Stealth Fighters is actually an option now. Other 1 point abilities such as Emergency Repair, Frenzy and even Artillery Training and the Vanilla GLA Hijacker have received an actual use; choosing between Frenzy and Artillery Barrage for example isn't that easy a choice to make anymore, since you can get Frenzy 3 for the same cost as only Artillery Barrage 1. It demands some more thought and makes the game much more interesting overall. USA Paladin Tank - 1 point Stealth Fighter - 1 point Spy Drone - 2 points Emergency Repair 1 - 1 point Emergency Repair 2 - 1 point Emergency Repair 3 - 1 point Pathfinder - 1 point Leaflet Drop - 3 points Carpet Bomb - 4 points A10 Strike 1 - 3 points A10 Strike 2 - 3 points A10 Strike 3 - 3 points Paradrop 1 - 2 points Paradrop 2 - 2 points Paradrop 3 - 2 points Spectre Gunship 1 - 3 points Spectre Gunship 2 - 3 points Spectre Gunship 3 - 3 points Spectre Gunship - 4 points Fuel Air Bomb - 4 points China Red Guard Training - 1 point Mini-Gunner Training - 1 point Battlemaster Training - 1 point Artillery Training - 1 point Nuke Cannon - 1 point Emergency Repair 1 - 1 point Emergency Repair 2 - 1 point Emergency Repair 3 - 1 point Cluster Mines - 3 points Carpet Bomb - 4 points Nuke Bomber - 4 points Artillery Barrage 1 - 3 points Artillery Barrage 2 - 3 points Artillery Barrage 3 - 3 points Cash Hack 1 - 2 points Cash Hack 2 - 2 points Cash Hack 3 - 2 points Tank Drop 1 - 2 points Tank Drop 2 - 2 points Tank Drop 3 - 2 points Frenzy 1 - 1 point Frenzy 2 - 1 point Frenzy 3 - 1 point Infantry Paradrop 1 - 2 points Infantry Paradrop 2 - 2 points Infantry Paradrop 3 - 2 points EMP Pulse - 4 points GLA SCUD Launcher - 1 point Marauder Tank - 1 point Technical Training - 1 point Emergency Repair 1 - 1 point Emergency Repair 2 - 1 point Emergency Repair 3 - 1 point Hijacker - 1 point GPS Scrambler - 3 points Rebel Ambush 1 - 3 points Rebel Ambush 2 - 3 points Rebel Ambush 3 - 3 points Cash Bounty 1 - 3 points Cash Bounty 2 - 3 points Cash Bounty 3 - 3 points Anthrax Bomb - 4 points Sneak Attack - 4 points