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  1. I've just pushed the beginnings of a Zero Hour reimplementation project to https://github.com/TheAssemblyArmada/Thyme if anyone is interested in contributing to such a project. The project is using a similar approach to the one recently used successfully by the OpenRCT2 project. That is, the reimplementation is initially being implemented as a dll that is injected into the game run time that replaces the games functions with new implementations as they are written, allowing it to be reimplemented a bit at a time. I've already reimplemented the custom memory allocator the game uses as well as a couple of string classes. Its very early days for the project, but if anyone has some C++ knowledge and is interested in getting involved, drop by the #thyme channel on freenode.net IRC. When some significant progress has been made it should become possible to fix engine bugs and add additional features to the game.
  2. You are tripping if you think Windows 2000 was a bad OS, I think you are confusing it with Windows ME. 2000 was a rock solid NT4 successor. It did lack a lot of the compatibility hacks that Windows XP had to make sure old games ran though. 2000 was where they were supposed to switch exclusively to the NT kernel, but they botched it and released ME as the "consumer" edition which was universally reviled. Your review of Windows 10 comparing it to macOS is also a bit uninformed, things like linking to your cloud account and having an app store are features lifted directly from macOS.
  3. Didn't a recent windows update blacklist the copy protection driver that Generals uses in windows 7 like it is in 10?
  4. RedAlert++ Has Been Announced

    The OpenRA engine is nothing like the RA engine under the hood. Its designed to be moddable such that it can come close in terms of game play, but some of its behaviours are quite different. It would also require modification to load the original games content, particularly the single player content and custom multiplayer content that people have developed over the years. The RA mod on the OpenRA engine is more like a total conversion than a re-implementation, albeit on an engine written specifically for the purpose. The new project is aiming to be something like OpenDUNE but for Red Alert.
  5. A command line Mix editor

    Check out https://github.com/OmniBlade/ccmix where I've implemented reading and writing of the encrypted header using a crypto library rather than relying on the almost unfathomable XCC code. There is also code there for handling the LMD and GMD and if you intend to allow creating mix files from scratch, please make the addition of the LMD optional. If your C++ isn't too great I can explain the structure of the encrypted header to help you implement it instead. I assume there are crypto modules available for python that provide raw RSA transforms and Blowfish.
  6. There are a number of things that have to be changed in an RA2 mission to allow them to work in YR. You have to adjust the index used for houses in triggers due to the addition of YuriCountry, so any indexes beyond that one are +1. There is also a change in the anim list so animation indexes above a certain number also need adjusting. Adjustments to RA2 style urban combat within maps also needs removing. That is just off the tope of my head, I'm sure there are other things.