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  1. Yeah, pretty low quality by today's standards!
  2. Hi all. The catalyst (missile?) that brought me onto these forums was seeing this discussion - I would very much like to get involved in any kind of filmmaking to do with the CnC Universe. I have a pretty good face for radio, so I'd make a good VO artist, with access to a soundproof studio, too - anything I can do, count me in.
  3. Hi everybody! I'm TX. In some kind of hopeful narcissism, I'm kind of hoping someone might recognise me from about 10 years ago. I'm THIS TX who made a series of demo videos for CnC3 when it first came out. I believe I got in touch with CNCNZ back then, but have fallen out of touch with everyone due to, you know, life. I've just checked my old txdp.co.uk website and found I still have a link to CNCNZ on it. Ah, the memories. Anyhoo - I've recently seen the "Rise and Fall of Command & Conquer" on YouTube (haven't we all), and have tracked down a forum thread on this site that is discussing it - before I wade in there with my $0.02 I thought I'd better say hello in here first.... so.... hello, fellow CnC'ers, long time no Scrin see. TX is back, baby!