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  1. Zocom7, just logged here to reply that when C&C3 mod Tiberium Essence gets the 2.0 release with the Forgotten faction, I have my little campaigns updated with the mutants, and some missions could be either defending such fortress as the Forgotten or attack it as GDI or Nod, perhaps Scrin... though I'm surprised that nothing such was made with The Forgotten mod...
  2. I don't have any C&C merchandise, just the games, but I'm quite pleased with my collection. Red Alert 1 doesn't have its own box, it shares with RA2. Also I used to own Tiberian Dawn on PS1, but sold it years ago. And the reason I have two copies of The First Decade, is that because that way I can play Yuri's Revenge LAN with my brother.
  3. I really hope it's Generals II. Not RA4, because we just got new Red Alert game with expansion pack. Not C&C4, because it's not long time ago when we got C&C3 and KW. New FPS game should come after Generals II
  4. CnC-Fin

    Post-Mortem: Tiberium Wars Article

    EA shouldn't rush with new C&C game, because during last 2 years, 4 C&C games have come. And I hope that EA makes Generals 2 before the next game to Tiberium universe, unless it's new FPS
  5. CnC-Fin

    Happy Birthday Joe Kucan

    Happy B-Day dear evil man! He truly is the best bad guy ever been in games
  6. Hard to say, I haven't seen those Allied units. But I go for Grinder
  7. CnC-Fin

    The 5: Best of Red Alert 3

    uh oh, they said wrong at least once. In battle #3, Empire vs Allies, they talked about Hammer Tanks, they're Guardian Tanks :lol: and happy Thanksgiving for everyone
  8. I hope Generals II is the next C&C game. Then EA should wait couple of years before next C&C game, because in about 18 months we've got 3 C&C games (Tib Wars, Kane's Wrath and RA3). That's dumb if every year come something like 2 games, you just don't have enough time to play C&C.
  9. CnC-Fin

    Renegade X September Update

    Absolutely cool. Can't wait for this come out, altough I don't have Unreal 3
  10. Hahaa! S.H.R.I.N.K. beam!
  11. That's HM3 as background music, I'm very sure But I think I liked more RA2 Tanya than RA1 one
  12. As long as I don't need to leave my house, I'm in!
  13. CnC-Fin

    Xfire Now Supports the RA3 Beta

    Yaaay!!! I've been waiting for this