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  1. Duke

    CNCNZ.com Turns 12 Years Old

    Truly a tribute to the dedication of Sonic. Well done bro, and happy birthday CNCNZ.com!!
  2. Duke isn't a person though, he's a bot! :o

  3. Duke

    Errors - Updated

    Other way round i think but yeah.
  4. unlike most mods and admin you ahve a real photo, not art or furr

  5. Duke

    Intel 32nm Processor coming soon!

    Wow, that really does look monstrous.
  6. My position is that the community as a whole needs to move on from Westwood. Westwood was great, fantastic in-fact but they're old news. They're not coming back and EALA won't be able to recapture what Westwood did with the original C&C's - ever. EALA has a tremendous creative capacity for game development. But as far as C&C goes there are just so many *fans* that are so narrow-minded as to only see C&C as what it was and are basically after a port with upgraded graphics. If C&C is to move forward as a franchise EALA really needs to give two fingers to the community at least for a game or so and just do what they want, why don't we give EALA a chance to see what they can come up with? They know C&C, hell, they probably know it better than we do. Maybe if the community wasn't so anal about everything we might see EALA have it's own shot at developing it's own *Westwood "revolutionary rts"* who knows if it will work or not, but surely - if EA has a bit more free-reign maybe they might be able to come up with a much more original take on C&C that really isn't bad. I actually think this was part of the problem that caused C&C3's story to become "disastrous". The Devs had their idea of where they were going, all the community people butted in, higher-ranked staff told developers to reconsider and in the end it all got ****ed up. That's my opinion anyway
  7. Duke

    Time to get HD!

    Oh it certainly is! I could never go back...ever.
  8. New Avatar! Well not really new, new-old. I had this made for me some time back when I registered mindtyrant.net. Damn it's even cooler than I remembered lol. I've actually got red and green versions as well xD
  9. Duke

    Pic of the Day

  10. Duke

    Pic of the Day

    Do ya think we should ban him?
  11. Duke

    Petro-Gamers dead?

    It's hardly his fault. It takes a lot of devotion to webmaster a successful fansite and if the games coming out aren't really that good then there's not a lot of motivation for you is there?
  12. Duke

    Petro-Gamers dead?

    Lord! Post it in the right place :lol: