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  1. I actually like this idea and feel it's a step in the right direction to help bring the community back together as I feel it's beginning to fracture. Especially with the official site essentially being nothing more then a way to get to the Tiberian Alliances forums. I know I can quickly make a Discord server and wouldn't mind setting it up myself. I don't have much experience with Discord moderation aside from my personal one I also use for Twitch but I don't (currently) imagine it being too difficult of a task (famous last words).
  2. This makes me so sad . I wish the very best to you Sonic and to everyone I've talked too on here. This was always my go to spot for C&C news and it is no doubt the end an era. I literally just finished replaying the original GDI campaign too before seeing this news through the facebook post. Again, I wish and hope for the very best for everyone here. Maybe in the future C&C will have a grand resurrection (I have always been an eternal optimist) and we can have one last hurrah!
  3. I needed this. One of my favorite youtubers playing one of my favorite games? Def needed this.
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    C&C reboot?

    That's awesome to hear about getting some producer interviews, I'd personally love to hear about that (But this isn't the thread for such discussion) I agree that we have community and passion in droves, in fact I feel that the passion in those still with the community has multiplied with the recent lack of information. First things first however if we were going to continue this how would we decide the Structure? I guess primarily who calls the shots? Or would it be more of democratic system of votes? A mixture of the two? To say there would be a lot to do would be an understatement lol
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    C&C reboot?

    Way ahead of you on that buddy, I graduate in June . And I plan on going into the industry and working my ass off. I have no qualms about working for EA if it means I can work on a C&C game. And actually, after I posted my above comment I really got to thinking about what I said concerning organization. The fact that our community has lasted this long with little to no news about a new C&C, or any kind of official word from EA, is a feat in and of itself. I'm truly proud to be a member of this community honestly because of that fact alone. I'd love to look into a way to turn this community into a more cohesive force to pursue the future of the franchise on our own without needing help from EA. With that said however I also know that if such an organization takes place and EA wish's to reach out and try again we should not respond to that with negativity and work to help the new dev team(s). I've watched time and again how toxic/suspicious we can get towards EA when they announce a new C&C (understandably so of course) however it doesn't help us at all in the short or long run. I hope that made sense, I felt like I rambled a little bit.
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    C&C reboot?

    As nice as I like the idea of the community making the new installments to the various C&C universes it runs into a lot of problems. Most obviously the problem that any project at any time can get hit with a cease and desist. Further more even if the C&D doesn't come in the logistical problems tend to kill teams more then anything from my experience. Lack of either proper leadership or any kind of leadership hierarchy, the reliance on members to do the work asked that will obviously take up personal time, the inability to make any form of external funding, and most commonly internal conflicts that are never resolved properly. Unless we as a community can establish our own kind of structure to confront all of these issues to complete projects, approve which projects become "community approved canon" ect we're going to be stuck in this loop of always arguing among one another. That's my 2 cents at least.
  7. Gods if there's one thing that every C&C had that was consistently on point was the music. This being one of my favorites but it's so hard to pick an ACTUAL favorite.
  8. As much as I want that I'm terrified if they could mesh well. But I'm all for another C&C FPS!
  9. I don't understand the apprehension to the VR aspect. As a proof of concept this video has me so excited. If im not mistaken the Vive can recognize movement? If so then you can probably allow the player to move around or "walk" throughout the map. This would be awesome! The only hindrance I can see so far would primarily be controls and some form of fog of war. I really want to see how far this can go.
  10. It's ok I guess. ((But seriously I love this song))
  11. I bet 20$, literally quote me on this, that we will hear news about a new C&C within the next year. I've noticed a few companies doing sneaky ways to gauge interest for games and series. Most notably Shenmue 3. I feel like this wasn't just a "lets throw this game up for free because why not."
  12. I was really hopeing that something like this would happen with the Origin server. First time this has happened with it as far as I'm aware and it should def send a message to EA that there is demand for a new C&C game
  13. I bought it for the games and the collectable picture it came with. (the beta access was just an added bonus)
  14. I think I'm most excited for the Auto-Patcher. That was desperatly needed
  15. Well given the fact that C&C turns 20 this year, I have high hopes for at least some news for a new C&C. The marketing literally sells itself because of that alone and to miss an opprotunity like that would be a whole new level of messing up. We all know in 3 years StarCraft and Blizzard are going to do something HUGE for their 20th and I would love to see a revival of the old SC vs C&C debates/Rivalry.
  16. Well keep in mind that C&C turns 20 this year. I don't feel like it's just a coincidence that this all changed now when they had plenty of time to do it in the past year Edit: Small update on the situation, http://forum.alliances.commandandconquer.com/showthread.php?tid=33680 The TA CM is looking into the situation.
  17. The old forums seem to be gone as well since the forums button leads to the TA forums. I tried using my bookmark of the old forums and it 404'd
  18. Agreed. My original problem when I played was that the generals didn't feel unique enough. But after watching the video I see it was just because they were still making all the units to make each general truly unique. I also really like the idea of the scout vehicles for early game!
  19. You can skip the first match and go straight to the power point slides. That's where the real meat of the video is. The powerpoint part is only about 20-30 min and it really shows how much promise C&CF2P really had. Makes me sad that it got cancelled before it could really show off
  20. If it had a phone app I could use for it I would play much more, but since it doesn't I just stopped playing all together.
  21. I'm surprised anyone said no lol
  22. What I find disgusting is that he literally copy pasted the exact same message in the Alpha forums.
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    Renegade X - Release Date Revealed

    Well I know what I'm doing for most of 2014!
  24. Probably the same way league of legends balances all of it's champions. A ton of patch's.