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  1. Dont worry i just dont patch it with rev2 this play-through of aftermath thanks for the guide
  2. I can now conclude that rev2 is also a problem for my saves, as soon as its removed "old" dissapear and i have my saves back as i wanted to have em that is odd since i know that i have saved with rev2 before and successfully getting along with my officiallypatched saves Anyone have a natural explanation to this mystery? since i actually wanna have rev2 back at least
  3. Damn attention disorder makes me auto think wrong patterns when it's least expected - you're elected. You're the star today Smile! You're on Candid Camera! With a hocus-pocus - you're in focus! SHUT UP!!!!!!!!! ...i do mean this topic was for Red Alert original! I have tested to reinstall, but i didn't kill the old folder of the entire "First decade" folder when i did it this time, and if thats not enough to do when i retry now i guess there is a risk that registry files are in hide on C:/ also? that must be removed? I recall i were given some kind of multi-player attachment after rebooting after patch installation, i said no...so that would stil explain why i ingame dont find "4 Player Internet" however i find that the singleplayer is splitted up into "counterstrike" and "aftermath missions" and isnt that suggesting that my old save games cant relate to that, in any case you talk about backup...do you mean create a backup of the current red alert folder, but that is already plagued with rev 4, i would understand if you talked about i should bring forth a backup of the Red alert folder before i applied rev4 in the first place? This re installation i did before starting this topic included me moving out all files from C&C folder to move back ontop of new installation, and perhaps that is a problem? all those files are perm plagued EXCLUDED the saves, so i should only move them back onto the new installation just a taut?
  4. Hello? (since i know that i write pretty strange somehow, i wanna make sure you understand what the hell im talking about lol ) can i get some kind of confirmation
  5. This topic concerns C&C original, i just wanna mark that first I have experimenting with those unofficial patches to "C&C The last decade" I have noticed no difficulties with changes how the game handles save game in C&C original when i updated EA's officially patch 1.02 to "tfd-103-rev2" but now i was in need to solve a "C&C Generals" issue so i tested to update to "tfd-103-rev4"(a version that is hard to find on internet) But since i updated whole "last decade" my C&C original saves from several years back actually...that have survived every patching til now obviously. But now these saves have IN-GAME only written an add to them-self that states "old" in text, this line is placed before whatever filename i have named that save in the past In-game this "old" saves cannot be loaded, generate this error message "obsolete saved game" However if checking inside my C&C folder i can see no traces of this "old" added line in my saves there. But that could therefore also suggest to me that its only in "First decade's" global installation that have receives a problem to relate to the saves after i updated to Rev4 patch. Now i have tested uninstalling entire "First decade" and reinstalling. This time i off course only installed official C&C patch, then Rev2 on-top of it the way it worked just before the corruption. But my saves are still considered "old" by the in-game judge unfortunately. So anybody know if i can convert back this saves to their original state, if that is controlled from some other C&C file in the folder i need to replace? Do i perhaps need to delete the entire C&C folder? and just save the saves and then reinstall? this still feels like a risky operation Kloppstock is online now Report Post Edit/Delete Message
  6. Bump? do we got any solution everyone is satisfied with (well expet me lol) having troubles to get a grip of this thread (but that is my problem only) but stil...
  7. Im having troubles to understand your above post unfortunately, first of all you do reefer to "options.INF" you to also? In there? in my view you talk about the "documents library/generals data folder" and you suggest that i shall copy it to "documents library/generals data folder" were it already lies? My problem is that generals minimize to tray after start-up (just like ScummVM does with windows 7 and thei have no solution yet to that)
  8. Im having issues with the allies 'Fire Base', it barley shoots and defend the base in my opinion, and i cant get over my long theory that it hav something to do with the fact that the cannon-pipe is allways placed @4 clock when you shall place it after buying it, and on that i miss that the cannon patroling in all directions if the attack comes from the north i have never seen a fire base shoot at them, have i only dreamed that it existed a function when you place the base on the map in which you choose direction the front shall point to lol?
  9. that was correct solution, thank you
  10. I can't build any Microwave tanks, as soon as thei roll out the entire screenarea gets covered by a not so stealthy black-colored GLITCH the only hope you have then is to drive your microwave tank to the enemy gates and knock on, and tell them you are Bush lackey when the microtank is destroyed by shoeprojetiles..the screen returns to normal directley, so obviosly this tank's cannonbeam doesnt only does its damage against the ingame enemy atleast on my computer So can we suspect some sensitive shade? ingame graphic settings here thath doenst go alone with nvidia forceware in general, cause this isnt a new problem i saw this 2 years ago allso, but i just avoided to build the tank then, bit now i wanna confront this so i think that i dont need to inform you that i currentley have forceware 181.22 and i didnt 2 years ago...still same graphic card thou a Geforce 8600 GTS TDH it is and Command & Conquer The First Decade, with patch 1.02 So me theory is that this tank attack beam? require enabling or more likely disabling some special settings, any ideas which? either ingame ore in forceware Modern screencapart as most desperate i even tested to turn the ceiling lamp 'ON' in my gamingroon..but the blackness didnt go away