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  1. I signed in after years to just to say thank you to you Sonic. This site serves as a great memory to a good time in my life where I sank hours into C&C. I wish you all the best and may CNCNZ march on into the future. Hopefully the sh*t heads at EA sell off the C&C IP to someone who can do something useful with this. I wish to god Nordic or Square Enix buy the rights for this franchise.
  2. I loved taking these babies down with the Aegis cruiser's manual fire mode.
  3. By guest is that if C&C is ever coming back, it'll be console focused. Hence, either a shooter or a RPG. Probably a Tiberium reboot on Frostbite.
  4. If C&C is coming back, they'll most probably do an FPS or some other game suited for consoles based on the C&C universe. I don't think we'll see a C&C RTS anytime soon.
  5. lkRaven

    Now Playing - Games

    I've been playing Tropico 4 and CS:GO both bought from the awesome steam sale.
  6. Its Apocalypse tank for me.
  7. Actually no. In my region its the other way around. CnC3 is 14.99 CnC4 is 9.99
  8. lkRaven

    Now Playing - Games

    I bought SPAZ long time ago on a steam sale and was in love with it. But the grinding part put me off a bit. I was in chapter 2 think. Should give this a retry again...your screenies made me want to play again
  9. lkRaven

    Superman - Man of Steel

    This was my first Superman movie and I was having high expectations after all the reviews. The first part, although slow is kinda ok and I was hoping for a an epic Climax with some awesome battles. But in the end it was all too familiar and repetitive. The fight scenes were basically ripped from Transformers. My score would be 5.9/10.
  10. lkRaven

    The Command & Conquer Name Game

    I don't know much about the model, but if the additional buyable generals have an advantage, then perhaps "Pay and Conquer" would be more appropriate
  11. Why why do you release this while I am playing CoH 2. Nevertheless I am going to give this a try. This is one of my Top 5 mods for CnC 3
  12. lkRaven

    Daily C&C Trivia

    Wow...some really cool info. I didn't know most of them. Keep up the good work guys
  13. Personally I think its a bad thing cos it drives the min sys requirements up. IMO a F2P game should have a large install base to be successful and enjoyable overtime. I don't think DX11 only (FB3 DX11 only right?) is a good thing at the beginning of the C&C life cycle. On the other hand I know it would be beneficial in the future cos porting it to FB3 in the future would be more risky for EA.
  14. Mother of god...what have they done to the Helix? It looks outright ugly :S. The nuke cannon looks more like a tank in the packed mode than a heavy arty unit. I don't like the looks of those 2. I hope EA/Victory is flexible enough to change them. I am not sure whether its the nuke cannon though. The explosion on the right seems to have been caused by the deployed arty unit and its does not look like a nuke explosion.